Apple Store Coming to Upper West Side

Is Apple getting into the lingerie business?  Nope but they are rumored to be taking over VS’s UWS site.  I can almost fall out of my office window onto what will soon be the city’s newest Apple Store.

photo from Property Shark (via Racked)

What is currently a Victoria’s Secret on 67th and Broadway is likely to become Steve Jobs’ newest retail outlet.  It’s no secret to how savvy Jobs is.  With retail prices in Times Square at astronomical levels (rumored to be as high as $675/sf…whaaaaaat!!!!!?), the $300/sf avg in Lincoln Center seems like mere peanuts to pay for Upper West Siders business.


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One Response to Apple Store Coming to Upper West Side

  1. avatar Gary says:

    At these extremely expensive prices, I have no doubt that Apple, as successful as they are, will have any problem fishing out these funds.

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