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The Ingenuity of Innovation

On Monday I had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the brightest people in the real estate industry for what was our first meeting of the New Year. The general theme of our discussion was how are we … Continue reading

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The Burgeoning Hudson Square

A new neighborhood is being reimagined which will connect Soho, the West Village and Tribeca. It’s name: Hudson Square.  With numerous new developments in the pipeline and the potential redevelopment of St. John’s Terminal, a three block building between Clarkson … Continue reading

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Emotion – The Intangible Market Predictor

“The market is the most efficient mechanism anywhere in the world for transferring wealth from impatient people to patient people.” – Warren Buffett Back in 1992 when I entered the Manhattan real estate market professionally, I made a conscience decision … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste in Food and Agents

It is nearly impossible to go a single day without stumbling upon a “best of” or “top ten” list of some sort. Intriguing reading for sure. In fact, as the husband of the Food Director at Food & Wine, I … Continue reading

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Finding and Embracing Small Town Manhattan

With over $1.6M residents densely packed into a shy 34 square miles, it is probably difficult, no, nearly impossible for the non-New Yorker to appreciate the small town appeal of this city. But ask most New Yorkers the names of … Continue reading

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Can You Trust Your Real Estate Agent?

Although the bar continues to be raised in the residential real estate industry, marginal agents remain the scourge of the industry’s reputation as a whole. From big ego to misinformation, it is all too often that an agent is an … Continue reading

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NYC Real Estate Market Data: Discerning Real from Fluff

The Daily News headline on Friday read “Apartment sales hit three-year low in January as NYC felt winter freeze.”  A very misleading headline given that the referenced report issued by StreetEasy is a CONDO report that does not include the 400+ co-ops … Continue reading

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Related Companies Buys a 50 Percent Stake in CORE Residential Brokerage!

In one of the most synergistic marriages to ever take place on the NYC real estate frontier, world-reknowned develop Related Companies has purchased a 50% stake in Manhattan’s #1 Boutique brokerage firm, CORE. I am thrilled to be a part … Continue reading

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Blame the Broker?

With all of the parties that are involved in a New York City real estate transaction, it still amazes me that when anything becomes uncomfortable, everyone looks to the broker’s commission to make things right. Consider this: there are a … Continue reading

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The $50M Home Market

Manhattan real estate has become so incredibly sexy.  From the dramatic “reality” shows to the media reports of billionaires and foreign investors gobbling up property, it has never been a more exciting time to live in NYC. Today, Curbed ran an interesting … Continue reading

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