It’s Larceny, Not Robbery

Just got off the phone with the police department regarding the Open House Larceny that happened on Sunday.  The officer with whom I spoke commended me for posting the pictures and alerting the industry but wanted me to be clear that this was not a "robbery (use of force) but a larceny (no use of force).  Glad to be able to clear that up.

For now, I will have no further comment on this story.

UPDATE:  If you recognize these women call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.  All calls are anonymous.

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3 Responses to It’s Larceny, Not Robbery

  1. avatar Jeff Royce says:

    Way to use your blog for the good of our whole industry. Most agents are normally unaware when these things happen, but you made this very public. Great job.

  2. avatar Brenda says:

    Please try to keep this open. The NYPD does not do a very good job on larcenies. Our cell phone was stolen and the thief billed about $1600 of cell phone time before we realized it and cancelled the account. The police closed the case the day I opened it. We paid the money, and no follow up occurred even though the $1600 phone bill had all the leads the police would’ve needed to find the culprit.
    I understand that they’re busy, but maybe they could redirect some of the people righting tickets for meter violations?

  3. Thanks Jeff.
    I’m really hoping for an arrest here. They seem to be very close.

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