Rent Stabilization, Rent Control, and Shadow Inventory on NY1 News

Our very own Kristin Hurd is featured on NY1’s Ask the Expert segment today with the second part of the segment to air Monday. Check it out:

Experts Explain Real Estate Lingo

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2 Responses to Rent Stabilization, Rent Control, and Shadow Inventory on NY1 News

  1. avatar Kberg says:

    Excellent article about shadow inventory, the manhattan market is extremely interesting in that you have multifamily, townhouse (usually narrower) coops, condos, rent controlled, stabilized and special tax abatements, in addition you can have a coop pay 10 times less taxes than a condo (murdoch v. martinez for the same appraisal or amount. Its not like the hamptons however rent regulated units are on decline and so are tax abatement many are expiring are were only 10 year, however I do believe the article should have looked at other frequent and popular terms

  2. avatar Kberg says:

    There seems to be a inaccurate information, in order for deregulation both income/rent must occur not one or the other, if that were true then wealthy folks would not be there,of course the rent just need to be high if someone leaves the apartment or if it has been converted to a coop or condo, the sticky is tax abatements and regulation, doug have ever sold a rent regulated coop or condo or multi? also there is succession rights.

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