Search ALL NYC Listings in One Place!

 Yes it is finally possible to search all Manhattan residential real estate listings in one place and we are one of the early adopters of what the industry is referring to as VOW.

Check it out on The Heddings Property Group site.

By simply registering on our AllAccessNYC site, you will gain just that:  ALL ACCESS to ALL NYC residential properties for efficient and easy one stop shopping without the hassle of searching multiple property sites.

We’re very excited to deliver this service to our buyers and the savvy Manhattan buying community who has been fed up for so very long with the inefficiencies of our residential marketplace.

Enjoy the site and happy shopping.

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10 Responses to Search ALL NYC Listings in One Place!

  1. avatar keith says:

    Woopty doo! Dead blog.

  2. Ouch Keith! Although the ability to search all NYC listings and this blog have nothing to do with each other, you have most def hit a nerve. TrueGotham has been on a lifeline for a long time now as I started a new business model in June. It has been a challenge to say the least to continue blogging. That said, I desperately would like to rescuscitate TrueGotham. Only time will tell if time will permit a rebirth. I should also point out that traffic to this blog remains at only slightly lower levels than when I stopped blogging daily. You may perceive it as dead but there remains a lot of great information here.

  3. avatar Allison Sadik-Khan says:

    I do love the fact that your search engine is something new and can search many listings, but when one “clicks” townhouses, how is the different from multi family dwellings and actual houses (applicable outside of manhattan). Streeteasy had that setup although it was a bit error-prone.
    Most real estate engines do try and some allow the user to check to see if there are 3 or 4 units listed on the description, are there any plans to list that feature?
    The search can be a little buggy at times showing 200 listing and then with a narrower criteria suddenly shower over 2,000.
    Would love a response on this matter.

  4. Thanks so much for the valuable feedback Allison! I have forwarded your comments to the developers for their response and attention to your concerns. I really appreciate the constructive feedback!

  5. avatar AllAccessNYC says:

    Right now, the building choices are based on the understood and agreed upon building types within the RLS – which in and of itself is by no way perfect, and has been developed in conjunction with the needs and technologies of the NYC RLS participants.
    The townhouse type covers multifamily and single unit dwellings, and pretty much everything outside of co-op and condo.
    We will certainly look to expand the criteria as time moves on and as REBNY/RLS/the firms work to agree on clearer naming conventions.
    Regarding the search being buggy – we have some limits in there set by the DOJ definition of VOW – if you saw a return of 2000 listings – it would indicate a technical problem that we will look at immediately.
    If you have any other feedback, please feel free to post it here or email it to [email protected]

  6. DOUG — I have been trying to wrap my arms around what VOWs will mean in Manhattan for a blog post of my own, without much success so far. It does not appear as though Corcoran will be joining this any time soon.
    Interesting piece from TRD about VOWs:
    I know you’ve always been a big proponent of transparency, but don’t see anything in your Privacy Policy (am I right in assuming that is a REBNY standard policy?)about tracking search activity. Any comment?
    Matt Daimler (the BuyFolio guy) says that this VOW doesn’t show open houses, price history, or In Contract listings, but I’ve seen quotes to the effect that “consumers can see what the brokers see”. Is Daimler right factually? []
    BTW, check your Privacy Policy, you have one “Halstead” in there.
    Finally, good to see you blogging, if only occasionally.

  7. Great to hear from you Sandy and we shar alot of the same questions. The verdict is still out for me on the VOW. I think we’re in very early stages of working out the kinks and what you see is by no means what the final product will look like should they survive.
    Regarding the tracking capability, my VOW developers are working on disabling the analytics function so that the user will be able to search anonymously. I don’t like the tracking features unless prospective buyers are made aware of them.
    From my perspective, our VOW just makes things easier for OUR buyers. I’m not concerned about buyers that are working with other agents but do want my clients to have every tool available to them to make their buying process simpler.
    I read the Real Deal post. I’m also a user of Matt Daimler’s Buyfolio for the same reason in that it makes the process more smooth for MY customers. I really like Buyfolio but it too needs to evolve.
    Ideally, I would love to see a Buyfolio product with it’s own VOW. That said, we both know that the next several years are going to bring changes to the real estate landscape that we can’t even imagine. I and my team are positioned such that we will be able to quickly and efficiently pick and choose what is best for our clients with no corporate bureaucracy to slow us down.
    BTW…Google is going to blow the doors off of our industry on an international level within the next 3-5 years anyway and I sincerely don’t think that VOW’s or any other MLS type service will be able to compete.

  8. Oh and it has been VERY interesting to see how many agents from other firms (many from the “big 3”) have signed up on my VOW 🙂 Curiosity I suppose.

  9. avatar Allison Sadik-Khan says:

    Again, I’ve seen certain realtor listings distinguish between townhouses and multi-family dwellings as well as homes, even the website lists the no. of units, so does rebny via trulia.
    I know its not perfect, sellers can and in fact do wrongly classify listings, a condop is also an example of being wrongly classified also, however I do believe if the seller makes a distinction in his or her listing, then the search engine should adjust accordingly, rather than group as a lump sum every listing into either or.

  10. Just an FYI that as of today, Monday April 12, 2010, we at The Heddings property Group have decided to have the analytics feature of our VOW disabled. This means that the consumer who uses our VOW search tool is not being spied on and we have NO access to their searches.

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