Social Media is Incredibly Humbling

I find the prospect of staying connected in the world of social media a bit overwhelming at times.  For those who know me, I do my best to utilize most of the social media “channels” in both my business and my personal life; the latter of which often makes my wife cringe!

I love facebook and considered myself an early adopter until I saw The Social Network.  I use twitter but mostly through links from my facebook, and my other favorite sites like foursquare, my blog and HootSuite.  I even recently signed up for a Roost account per the suggestion of my colleague and social media maven Nicole Beauchamp.  I’m also a regular “member” of Google+ but must say that I’m not as hyped about it as are my more tech savvy friends and colleagues.  Many see it as a real game changer while I just don’t have time to add yet another platform to the mix.  I’m trying though!

As a business owner, I am now faced with a dilemna.  I can wholeheartedly admit that there is no chance in H-E double toothpicks that I can keep up with it all.  Particularly if I want to be a good (and PRESENT) husband and father.  So what to do?  Do I hire a social media maven to manage that part of the business at which point my posts completely lose my voice and personality…maybe that’s a good thing? LOL!  Perhaps scheduling an hour or so per day to blog and surf the social media scene is enough.

I haven’t yet determined the answer but I sincerely have NO CLUE how so many of my colleagues are keeping up with the ever changing face of social media and still making a living.  I do know however that in today’s business world, social media/marketing can NOT be ignored!

For now, I will do my very best to utilize services like HootSuite and Roost to stay connected to my sphere of influence.  But good grief it is challenging…but FUN!

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9 Responses to Social Media is Incredibly Humbling

  1. avatar Drew Meyers says:

    I think you keep up quite well actually. I think setting aside some specific time for it every day is a good strategy. You know how to reach me if you have questions 🙂

  2. I think you’re awesome 😉 ….on the short list of foursquare checkin’s that may routinely make me chuckle when I see them. All about whatever works for you…no one size fits all (I never fit in those one size fits all shirts..always feels like I’m lost in a sea of (usually ugly) fabric 🙂 See you soon !

  3. And you know I think you’re awesome too Nikki!

  4. Yeah, social media can feel like almost a full-time job. Like you, I feel increasingly overwhelmed with every new outlet and thus more resistent to embracing it. For example, I now have a Google+ account but haven’t done a thing with it. While not time-consuming, Twitter is demanding all day long and thus is intrusive. I dunno, maybe an hour set aside somehow is the answer.

  5. Great post, sorry I missed you Wed. @ the Lucky Strikers event. I recommended you hire the “Social Media Maven” you mentioned & i recommend Stephanie Davis. As you know she’s amazing & I think she’s right on the cutting edge of all that’s out there & important in the field of social networking. Good Luck!

  6. avatar Weimin says:

    You’ve been doing a great job with social media. The best of brokers I know. I only update on FB and even that is not for business reasons since none of my clients are on FB.

  7. avatar Karen Brewer says:

    Just take it one day at a time. As a whole, the real estate industry is soooo totally behind the curve that if you do ANY social media everyday,youre outpacing the rest. I focus on two things,Facebook, because Im always cultivating my sphere of influence and my blog, to get new prospects.The rest will have to do without me for awhile. Focus on a couuple of things and do them well.

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