There are few people I know with such good will, care, excellence and integrity.

I want to thank you for your superb work. There are few people I know in years of encounters with all types of professionals, who fulfill their obligations with such good will, care, excellence and integrity. You have been accommodating and attentive to every detail in every way. You haven’t wavered from being as responsive and pleasant as you were in the very beginning. As to your professional talents – there are many. The apartment almost immediately generated response and interest, due to your skill and aesthetic presentation. You reacted seriously to every call and treated your potential renters, as well as me, with patience and thoroughness in investigating questions, and reporting back in a timely way. They, as I did, got to work with someone who quickly establishes that there is absolutely no reason to wonder or doubt information or attention. I note here, this particularly action you took – photographs of the damage to the ceiling and walls in my place recently from a leak, and sending them right away. I was able to sidestep an arguable and expensive problem and prove the before and after condition, to get the repairs paid for. You also convinced a potential renter who has now moved in, that the place would look as it had been advertised. I was compelled to write and amplify my thoughts on your skill and integrity in this work you do, and to say I will tell everyone I can about your abilities. It also has been a real pleasure knowing you and I wish and know, you will have continued success.

Review by JH
Client of: David Innocenzi

Your thoroughness and organization in putting the package together impressed the co-op board and got me brownie points even before I got to the interview

Thanks again for hand holding me through the process – the infamous New York housing market is just as crazy as people say, but made painless through your imparted experience. Throughout the process I found that there was minimal panic and fretting on my part because of the constant updates, guidance and assurance from you. I had a small time frame to buy and was able to make an offer in under a month’s time. Through your help, I was able to see most openings in my price range with my criteria and feel good enough to make an informed decision to make my first major investment. You were then instrumental in helping me to navigate through the painstaking co-op application process. Your thoroughness and organization in putting the package together impressed the co-op board and got me brownie points even before I got to the interview. I cannot express what a personal milestone this is – to be able to buy in New York on my own. I owe it to you for getting me here. From beginning to end your professionalism and care really made the difference.

Review by LY
Client of: David Innocenzi

Provided invaluable knowledge, guidance, and insight

Sandra and David provided invaluable knowledge, guidance, and insight into the real estate process as my husband and I searched for our first home. Not only would we recommend them to anyone we know, we would jump at the opportunity to work with them again. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.

Review by MGP & EP
Client of: David Innocenzi & Sandra Innocenzi

Extremely helpful, attentive and reassuring

Sandra and David were extremely helpful, attentive and reassuring as we went through the process of purchasing our first home. They were very knowledgeable about the unique Manhattan cooperative market, and were able to help simplify the process for us. Sandra and David were wonderful during the offer and closing process, and were especially great with helping us put together a co-op board package. We don’t know how we would have made it through the process without them!

Review by DM & KM
Client of: David Innocenzi & Sandra Innocenzi

‘Glad’ doesn’t even begin to describe…

Glad’ doesn’t even begin to describe how glad I am that I worked with David & Sandra. They were friendly, helpful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, fast (yet patient!), and totally reliable. When I was freaking out at various points in the process of buying an apartment, they always answered my emails within minutes, even when they were in Italy for a short trip. Incredible. They found me such a nice place that all my friends now hate me. That’s the only downside. I hope I never have to leave this place, but if I do, I hope Team Innocenzi is still in business.

Review by ZH
Client of: David Innocenzi & Sandra Innocenzi

Lori worked hard and got us through the storm

We couldn’t have chosen a more depressing time to put our property into the market. It was the big crash. Everyone was extremely pessimistic except one person. Like a great captain, Lori worked hard and got us through the storm. The process was painless and professional all because of her very approachable personality and dedication. If anyone is looking for the best real estate agent in the city, Lori is definitely the person to call.

Review by Julie Lam
Client of: Lori Ben-Ari

Lori is reliable and trustworthy

Lori is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Most of all, she is on her client’s side and guides them skillfully through the rollercoaster of real estate. She found me an apartment that I am thrilled about and was consistently there through the very final step.

Review by Oritte Bendory
Client of: Lori Ben-Ari

Extremely approachable and warm

Jean is extremely approachable, warm, congenial, and sincerely curious about other people and pursuits. These are qualities that we look for when we engage with people in long-term business relationships because these are the kinds of qualities that help build trust. Those things and, of course, ethical actions are what lead to happy conclusions.

Review by M.K
Client of: Jean Nayar

Jean is very proactive

After searching unsuccessfully for a property with strict personal criteria in Brooklyn with another broker for over a year, I decided to add Manhattan to my search to make sure all my bases were covered. I met Jean at an art opening and after a short discussion we decided to follow up through email to go over exactly what I was looking for. Jean was unfazed, and promised to do her best to find a property as close to the criteria as possible. Suffice it to say, after looking at apartments that Jean thought would be of interest, I closed on a property that closely matched what I was looking for only 2½ months later. Jean is very proactive in providing key data and comparables. She has an excellent temperament and is no doubt the best real estate agent I have teamed with. I highly recommend her.

Review by M.M
Client of: Jean Nayar

Jean is a real class act!

Jean helped me find the perfect first apartment and guided me every step of the way with patience, competence, and the utmost honesty. I have been deeply impressed by her impeccable manners and ethics. Jean is a great listener, a calming and reassuring presence, and one of the most efficient and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She worked tirelessly on my behalf and went well beyond the call of duty at every stage of the process—from referring an attorney, to preparing a meticulous board package, to working through issues with two lenders, to identifying a mover. I highly and warmly recommend her. To use the words of the listing broker, ‘Jean is a real class act!’

Review by Cristiana Sogno
Client of: Jean Nayar

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