TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Episode Four

Last week on TGTV we discussed the various methods by which square footage can be measure with an emphasis on the liberties that developers sometimes take in adding common areas, etc to an apartment’s stated square footage.  Don Meade also shared that he has been asked by real estate agents to provide a measurement from outside walls which would obviously yield a higher number than measuring the interior perimeter.

Check out this week’s episode as we travel further down the path of who seems to be responsible for the overstating of square footage as we determined that the physical measurement (at least by our panel) was calculated using very similar methods of measuring the exact same interior space.  There does seem to be some confusion however on exactly what is defined as gross living area (click the link for the Google search and check out the definitions and some of the forums for appraisers who even question the definition)  Gross living area for a house seems to be different than gross living area of an apartment…

On the final episode of this TGTV series on Square Feet we will explore ways in which to hold accountable those who grossly overstate square footage in the real estate industry.  It’s a shame I can’t do another 25 episodes on square feet because this issue has a lot of holes and loose ends that definitely need to be addressed and tied up.  Will do a little bit of that next week. 

3 Responses to TrueGotham TV Explores Square Feet: Episode Four

  1. avatar Greg P says:

    Is it proper to measure the square footage of a condo from the inside or the outside?

  2. “Proper” is the key word here as there is unfortunately no standard. Each developer has an architect who measures however they prefer. Some measure from interior walls but most measure from at least the middle of exterior walls and often all the way from the exterior. Frustrating to say the least for the consumer.

  3. avatar Jeff Smelser says:

    Regarding your TGTV discussion of standards for measuring square footage: I hear references to standards, but nothing telling me what those standards are. Does one count closet space or not? Where there is a soffit in a room, the square footage of the ceiling may be less than the square footage of the floor. I assume one counts the square footage of the floor, right? Does one count stairways? I see Douglas mentions that some count wall thickness, and some don’t. If I know the answer to these questions, even in a house with interesting angles, the actual calculation is 9th grade math. Where does one go to find the standards?

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