Change: Often Difficult and Always Necessary

I have written in the past on True Gotham about the importance of the agent being aligned with their brokerage’s culture and precisely how that culture fit can impact the consumer. So why is it that so many continue to work in an environment that is not the most conducive to their productivity and well-being? Because change is never easy. And although that is almost always the case, change is always necessary in order to remain relevant, innovative and growing in one’s personal and professional life.

In my years as a team leader, then business owner and now Director of Sales, it has been my task to interview prospective agents to determine if our culture and their personality traits and business acumen are a match. For every 20 people I meet, I make offers to roughly two. Of those two offers, maybe one accepts. Aside from the determination that the culture and the agent aren’t a fit, which weeds out 90% of the candidates, half of those who receive offers decline and that is almost always due to their fear of change.

Of course there are more factors that contribute to that fear of change for each individual, but generally speaking it is one of the greatest fears of all: fear of the unknown. In order to overcome that fear of the unknown, one must take a leap of faith and trust that the change will be positive. The unknown also makes change uncomfortable. It is challenging and takes us out of our comfort zone, as toxic as that may sometimes be, and we humans like to be comfortable. We also like familiarity even if it isn’t the best place for us; change brings about uncertainty. Lastly, but definitely not of least importance, is that change is not popular. Most believe that change may breed resentment from superiors, colleagues and friends resulting in animosity and unnecessary tension. I would argue that is just the story that some tell themselves. The reality is that none of us truly knows what change will mean in our lives. But if we choose to embrace it and attack it with a positive attitude, it can be a launching point into a new career or personal path of which we may have never have dreamed.

So the next time you are sitting in front of someone discussing the possibility of change, try quieting that frightened voice in your head and imagine all the positive things that could come as a result. And don’t forget, if you don’t change today, there will be opportunities galore to do so in the future. Change is most definitely unavoidable.

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