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The Sad Truth About House Raffles

Readers of TrueGotham know how excited I have been about the apparant win-win-win formula that comes from raffling a house.  The owner gets out from under a mortgage, a charity benefits from the money raised above and beyond the mortgage  or … Continue reading

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How To Raffle Your House

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE BLOG ENTRY: WE DO NOT RAFFLE HOMES…so contacting us to assist you with a house raffle will be a fruitless effort.  Good Luck to all of you! I’ve decided to re-post this blog entry because of the overwhelming amount of traffic that this site is getting … Continue reading

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Another House Raffle To Support Our Troops

It wasn’t long ago that the San Mar Children’s Home in Maryland successfully raffled a house to both raise money for charity and get the property off the hands of the owners.  Given the number of inquiries I have received … Continue reading

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Another House Raffle

Yes indeed there is yet another house being raffled for $100 per chance.  Remember the SanMar House Raffle?  That was a smashing success raising over $200,000 for the SanMar Children’s Home while allowing the sellers to get the $380,000.00 for … Continue reading

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San Mar House Raffle Winners

For those unfamiliar with this story, here’s a snippet from WBAL-TV in Baltimore: "Well, the real estate market has been compromised over the last two years and so we decided to hold a raffle to sell the property and to … Continue reading

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Raffle To Win a House…3/12/2008 UPDATE

I’m re-posting this story yet again because I think it’s brilliant and it’s a success…so far.   Check out the comments section below though as more is revealed about the history of this home. From in my home town of Baltimore comes … Continue reading

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SanMar Children’s Home House Raffle

Here’s the latest update on the SanMar Children’s Home House Raffle:In the spirit of full disclosure I should let all of you know that I have purchased some of these raffle tickets and continue to promote this raffle both because … Continue reading

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