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WE DO NOT RAFFLE HOMES…so contacting us to assist you with a house raffle will be a fruitless effort. 

Good Luck to all of you!

I’ve decided to re-post this blog entry because of the overwhelming amount of traffic that this site is getting from people interested in raffling their homes…a sign of the times indeed.  Many have suggested that some sort of National Raffle could contribute to solving this country’s housing woes.  An interesting concept.  Below is the original post on How to raffle Your House followed by an update including a link to Charitable Gaming Laws for each state in the country (it seems Florida doesn’t allow raffles and might want to consider changing that legislation).

With housing markets slumping across the country, I have been receiving an unbelievable amount of inquiries in to just how to go about successfully raffling off your house. Since I have absolutely NO experience with such a house raffle, I posed the question to Bruce Anderson, CEO of San Mar Children’s Home and one of the successful orchestrators of such a raffle that took place in Hagerstown, MD. It’s not easy at all says Bruce but he graciously offered the following for anyone who is considering a house raffle:

Having just completed a very successful house raffle in which we raffled a house ($380,000) and a car in 77 days resulting in a $214,000 net profit for the charity we have been besieged with calls and emails from all across the country asking us to tell others how to do it. The Maryland Secretary of State, the office issuing the required permit to conduct a house raffle, tells us that since the conclusion of our raffle they have been receiving more permit requests than ever before from persons who desire to replicate what we have done. Unfortunately, most will fail.

Conducting a house raffle is a high-risk adventure with no guarantee of success. With that having been said let me share a few of the observations, if not actual lessons, gleaned from our recent experience:

  1. Do your homework ahead of time. Many raffles fail due to the persons beginning without a good understanding of what is involved in the process, and therefore plan improperly.
  2. Get the right nonprofit from the outset. Each state is going to require that the raffle be conducted by a nonprofit organization. If you are the homeowner it is vital to match up with a charity that has the ability to accomplish such an event. How can you tell? Well, as stated earlier there is no guarantee, however, look for the following: Do they have a track record of knowing how to raise money? Do they have an active board that believes such a project can succeed? Are they as a board willing to work to make it successful? Have they helped other projects of the organization? Do they have connections to the media? What is their reputation in the community? What is their appeal to the broader community beyond the local area? Do they have vision for their organization?
  3. Beware of narrow marketing. Market beyond your local community. Many raffles fail due to marketing only to their own community. One of the biggest mistakes is to not allow enough time to complete the project. Typically a house raffle should take between six and eight months. That may be true, however, we completed ours in 77 days due to marketing beyond our own community. Additionally, do not limit marketing efforts to any one or two actions. For example don’t think sending letters to your mailing list and a letter in the paper is going to sell all your tickets. Get as creative as you can and generate as much momentum as possible in as many ways you can. Some of the things we did: Sent a mailing to our mailing list, put up posters all over the county, contacted the local paper and convinced them of the interest behind a family raffling their home (we ended up with 6 front page – Sunday editions that specifically talked about he story), The local TV station picked up the story, AP press ran the story opening the door to numerous newspapers around the world, we ran a story in the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, we spoke before service groups, we wrote of the event in numerous blogs, we contacted radio stations all over America and shared how we had a AP story of interest. That lead to numerous interviews. One radio station in Florida followed the story regularly interviewing the Realtor we worked with at regular intervals. These are just a few!
  4. Set up a website for on-line (secure) credit card purchases. Have this in place as soon as you are ready to go. We had our website and credit card processing system in place but not before the local paper ran a front page story of what we hoped to do. We were able to contact an Associated Press reporter and convinced him to pick up the story. The problem was that the story went national before we had a permit. We simply took orders and did not process any cards until the permit was in hand. Include on the website a counter that gives regular and accurate feedback as to the progress of ticket sales. We were amazed at the number of people who were following the progress daily (We also set up a stat counter on the website).
  5. Pay absolute attention to details and use integrity in everything. We maintained meticulous records of every ticket sold. We kept all ticket stubs in alphabetical order so when someone called and told us they purchased a ticket on-line and never received a stub in the mail we were able to at once find their records and get a copy to them. At the end, the day of the drawing, we turned everything over to a CPA firm and had them conduct an audit on all the tickets so that we could testify to the truth of a ticket being in the barrel for every person making a purchase.
  6. Determine to enjoy the process and attack every obstacle with tenacity!
    These are just a few of the things we did and learned. Will we do it again? We have certainly been asked … we shall see!

    Bruce T. Anderson, CEO San Mar Children’s Home

Thanks so much Bruce for your time and energy in providing these excellent tips.

And to those considering this as means to unload your house…


Update November 2008:

The amount of traffic to this site and this post specifically has been overwhelming and a strong indication of the masses of people who are struggling to sell their homes.  Since I have no personal experience with running a successful house raffle and certainly can’t help anyone raffle their home, I am offering the following link that I think is the best place to start to determine the state office that you must contact in order to get the proper permits/licenses to hold a charitable raffle.

State Charitable Gaming Laws <—this is the LINK

Update December 2008:

Please read The Sad Truth About House RafflesMost of these raffle attempts are failing.

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140 Responses to How To Raffle Your House

  1. avatar Matt says:

    Curious what the law is in terms of what you price your house or condo out for a raffle like this. Are you required to list it at the appraisers price or can you shoot for a higher price and hope that you run a very successful raffle?

  2. I have no idea but I just spoke with someone attempting this in Florida who suggested that it may vary by state.
    “Shooting for a higher price” wasn’t really the goal of the owners in Hagerstown, MD. They sold the home for it’s appraised value, the Realtor worked for no commission, and the charity made $214K. It’s really not about profits as much as it is charity and a means of getting out from under that mortgage.

  3. avatar Thomas Grieves says:

    As a real estate investor in today’s market, I am searching for new and innovative ways to sell houses.
    I saw and read your website, and I like what I see. You have provided more detailed info then other websites. Your approach is much better.
    Could you possibly help me with holding a contest to sell one of my houses?
    Check out my list of available properties at and look at SPECIAL OF THE MONTH.
    This is the first house I want to sell. My goal would be to sell 10,000 entries at $100 each.
    A listing of reputable charities would also be helpful, as 35% of the net proceeds will go to a charity.
    Can you help? Will you help?
    Please reply to or call 863-808-3047
    I’m not pulling your leg.
    I am seriously overstocked with houses,
    and need to find ways of selling them,
    as the conventional ways are not working.
    Thank you, Thomas Grieves

  4. avatar p pearson says:

    living in north carolina ( raleigh ) I have tried to get information on raffling my home and no one including the n.c carolina bar assoc. knows anything about legalities. Atty’s. won’t return my calls, what should I do?

  5. avatar Bruce Anderson says:

    Doug, In response to some of the comments you received… It is correct that each state sets standards for raffles, however, it is fairly common that the price of the house must be set by an independent appraiser. In Maryland an appraisal must be completed at the time of the permit and if the drawing is more than 90 days after the permit is issued a second must be completed. To set a value above the appraised value takes funds away from the charity. That will become a disincentive to many people when considering purchasing. Many of the persons buying tickets will do so to help the charity and not because they anticipate winning. Very few (besides friends and relatives) purchase tickets to help the homeowner get more than appraised value. Regarding North Carolina raffles. I believe it is not legal in North Carolina to raffle anything with a value in excess of $5,000.

  6. Thanks for chiming in Bruce as an experienced voice on this topic.

  7. avatar K. Frey says:

    Was there any requirement in Maryland that the non-profit actually own the “prize” (in this case the home) free and clear, with no mortgage or lien on it? I am just wondering because that appears to be a roadblock for running this kind of raffle, in my state.

  8. I think this is a question for Bruce at SanMar. Shoot him an email.

  9. avatar Sharon Cox says:

    One question; Will the winner be responsible for all taxes on the home.

  10. avatar Jeanni Claus says:

    We have been wanting to down size and selling for almost 1/2 of my homes appraised value is not an option. If you have a mortage and want to cover it and enought to put a down payment or buy a smaller home..Need lots of help. Raffle sounds hesitantly good….

  11. avatar bernadette grieves says:

    i live in boston ma, and my husand and i have been trying to sell our 2 fam home for quite some time. we heard about this “raffling of houses” and were very interested. we are not sure where to start. can someone plz reply and let us know how to start? also, do you HAVE to have a charity behind the sale and do they get a percentage of the profits?
    thanks b grieves

  12. avatar C. DAVIS says:

    I have two questions. Do you have any idea what law applys in North Caroina if the property is given to a charity and they raffle the house. Was the pernit you obtained specifically for a raffle?

  13. avatar Sean Cochran says:

    I am looking to raffle my home in Illinois.
    I have been doing some research and here is what I found out. I have to run the raffle through a charity. I want to sell 2500 tickets @ least at 300k per ticket. To pay off my home and all my bills would be about 600k. The rest would go to the charity. Thats 150k they can make.
    So charity gets 150k
    all my bills and house get paid off
    some lucky son of a gun gets a new construction home for 300 bucks
    Sounds nice huh.

  14. Hi:
    I have two very nice homes in MD that I would love to raffle off through your charity, or anyother charity you can recommend. If you are interested please send me an email and we can work it out.
    Thank you

  15. Bridget and other Maryland homeowners should email Bruce Anderson of the SanMar Children’s Home to inquire as to whether he is interested in your property. Follow the link above to obtain his email.

  16. avatar john alba says:

    I would like to raffle my condo in Illinois (Lyons). Is there a web site to direct me so I can get started?

    • avatar Victor says:

      In response to Ser Greene’s conemmt. I have been looking into this concept of a home raffle for quite some time. Mr. Greene owns that website. While I believe in networking, giving one’s business a plug, etc. I believe you should have been forthright by disclosing this from the get go. I just happened to click on your name and it took me to your website. Most folks do their due diligence. Wanting to find out more about the company, your name and your partners name, are right there.

  17. I am A condo developer with 12 units built and 13 more to go . I want to start raffleing my inventory.What is the best way to do it

  18. avatar Ben says:

    any charity etc. set up to raffle my house for me?

  19. avatar John O'Donnell says:

    I, too, live in Illinois and would like to raffle off my home and know which charities could do it. Please reply with any info. Thanks.

  20. Everyone should call their Secretary of State to determine the legality of a house raffle. Then call an attorney. perhaps the Secretary of State could recommend someone who has done a raffle before.
    Also keep in mind that the reason that this raffle worked in maryland is because thew sellers were willing to sell only at the appraised value and let ALL proceeds above that go to the charity.
    See the piece above (RE-READ it). This is NOT easy and most will fail but if you do it right, you can get out from under your home and help a charity as well.

  21. avatar Ser Greene says:

    I have been looking into this concept of a home raffle for quite some time. The question that often comes up is… can I do it and how do i find a non profit. There is a website: that is trying to put home owners together with charities. If you are interested in doing a house raffle you should sign up with that site and see if you can connect with a non profit that way.

  22. avatar Jinger C. says:

    I have a 90.000. house, in Oklahoma, that I would like to raffle. The proceeds would pay for a new home that is large enough to take in foster children. If there is money left it would go to the support of foster children in the system. Would this be enough to be able to use as a charity or would I need backing from DHS?

  23. avatar Dee says:

    In response to Ser Greene’s comment. “I have been looking into this concept of a home raffle for quite some time.” Mr. Greene owns that website. While I believe in networking, giving one’s business a plug, etc. I believe you should have been forthright by disclosing this from the get go. I just happened to click on your name and it took me to your website. Most folks do their due diligence. Wanting to find out more about the company, your name and your partners name, are right there.

  24. avatar Dee says:

    p.s. Ser Greene’s usahomeraffle web site has a FAQ section. Question and answer was:
    Q: Is Free?
    A: To add your home to a list that Non Profits can choose from, the fee is $50 for a 6 month time period
    However, when you click the link “list your raffle with us” here is what it states “The fee for having your raffle listed on our site is currently $200 per month.” So which is it? I know that I personally emailed you asking this question and had questions about listing my raffle with you and to date, still have not heard back. That was over a week ago. Folks just want honesty, especially when it comes to such a large monetary value. I would do $50 for a 6 month listing. But for sure, NOT $200 a month to be on your list when there are other raffle venues online we can use who also have, sponsor lists. i am wondering how long it will take you to respond to this, as opposed to my email to your company regarding my listing. thank you

  25. avatar john says:

    According to an Illinois attorney,
    “Raffles are governed by the same statutes as Bingo Las Vegas Nights and other games/events of chance. As such, the “host” of such events needs to be licensed, and are generally not-for-profit organizations (e.g., schools, churches). Accordingly, you could arrange for an auction of your condo, but not a raffle.”
    Can someone confirm this?

  26. avatar Doc Kirk says:

    This site has proven to be helpful. It has shown me people who are money grubbers, people who are easily persuaded, and then people who really do their homework and know what they are talking about. I now know what I need to do to get my house successfully raffled off. By the way, it is in Abraham Lincoln’s home town and only five blocks from his Tomb. Have a good day.

  27. avatar michelle Blake says:

    Please send me info on how I can Raffle off my house with your assistance. We have been trying to sell for over a year and are thrilled to find this site.
    Thank Your for your time.
    Michelle Blake
    Pasadena Md

  28. avatar Karen Robinson says:

    I own a condo in Boca Raton,Fla about 1.5miles from the ocean. I purchased for 250k and did a total upgrade for 30k. If I wanted to recoup my $280 at $100 per ticket, but the house now maybe appraises about 200k at best, would I be able to have a raffel. 2nd If I sold more than the 280k would I be able to give the money to Humane Society for animals. …Karen

  29. That sounds like a plan that is workable. You seem honest and willing to be charitable and you’re trying to get no more than what you paid for the house. Not sure what legality is in Florida regarding raffles so check with an attorney and good luck!

  30. avatar SAM says:


  31. avatar KEVIN OTTEN says:

    Interesting concept. I too have had a house on the market in Michigan for over a year…not even an offer.
    Is a Catholic Church a good charity?

    • avatar Cisco Ramirez says:

      Kevin how you doing! I Awenser you’r question, the best Charitable Org. is a Christian Church plus you have more venefits check one in your comunity end talk to the Head of the Church end the most important, is pray to the Lord. to have good guide is my best recomendation!
      Blessings… C.R.

  32. avatar Gary Moran says:

    I am a realtor who has been trying to sell my own home for about 6 months now with no luck. All I want out of it is the money I have invested in it. If I walk away with 80,000 it would break me about even. The home appraised for 505,000 in 2006. I now have it on the market for 449,900. I need help desparetly. Can you help me before I have to foreclose. I can only make it about 3 more months…

  33. avatar Suzy Cherwak says:

    I have been looking into raffling my home in Louisville, Kentucky. What kind of permit are you talking about and where do I apply for it?

  34. avatar Deb says:

    Have a home in AZ and need to sell it in the spring. Can we get more than the appriased value for it? Do they accept raffles?

  35. avatar Tom says:

    I have a 3bed 2bath in a beautifull area in Fort Mohave,couple of minutes from the Colorado River in Arizona.
    Any charity in Arizona with good ethic and hard work considered.

  36. avatar sheri morehead says:

    I would raffel my house tomorrow if i knew i could how do i find out more .
    I have no family left here my daughter died and i want out … i want to be up with my other children ..
    please if any one knows contact me ..
    it is a beautiful house total remodel on the water with pool wilton manors , florida 33311

  37. avatar Donna says:

    Has anyone here been able to raffle their property?
    I have a beachfront condo in Florida I would like to raffle. I only want the money I have invested in it. Everything else could go to charity.

  38. avatar Debbie says:

    Hi, I have been trying to sell my house in NY before the financial issues I am having cause me to loose it.My sister suggested a raffle to me which obviously sounded like a great idea. We then started doing some homework on it and found the article about this house that was raffled off in MD.
    I am very eager to find a charity orginization in NY State who is able and willing to do this with me, not only will I be able to get off from under my financial burden but they will be able to profit greatly from this.
    Any suggestions on how to find such a Charity Org.?

  39. avatar Salvatore Monaco says:

    I owned a condo in Weston, Florida – Paid 250k in 2005 spent about 25K in upgrades. Now the property appraisal is 120K. 4 months ago I stopped paying my mortgage. I will like to get more info about doing a raffle- paying the 250K to the bank, getting my 25K and giving the rest to charity … it this possible ????

  40. avatar Carlos says:

    It seems like quite a few people are into this idea. It really is a good idea . I recently found someone doing this to their vehicle. If you think of it a little more in debth, wouldn’t it be a great way to get out of this housing crisis. If the government would some how allow real estate companies to raffle off homes for people in default. Even if the home would not be worth what is owed.
    Just think the banks would get their money. Realtors would be busy. People would be able to own their property free and clear, and for the price of a ticket.
    Not for profit, just to get out of foreclosure.
    It’s probably better than the government’s idea of giving these bad loans. A great way to stimulate the market!

  41. First of all I’m not surprised at all of the interest in raffling a home. Although a difficult proposition, it is indeed a win-win-win. That said, I’m not your guy. I simply posted the pieces about the SanMar raffle in Maryland that was a smashing success. Each of you inquiring needs to contact your own respectiove department of state to find out the details and legality of holding a house raffle as it varies from state to state.
    I totally agree with Carlos that this could be an interesting way to attempt to tackle this country’s housing dilemna.

  42. avatar Erma says:

    I have a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home that has been on the market for a year and a half with no offers, except one couple wanted to do lease with option to buy, due to their credit. I didn’t want to take that chance. However, I live in Kansas City, Missouri and their is a raffling here every year with a brand new home with tickets selling at $100 dollars each with the proceeds going to St. Judes Children’s Home. However for an individual, like myself, for my church or small not for profit organizations, I’m not so sure. I truly NEED to sell my home, as I am seperated and soon to be divorced and can no longer afford the payments alone. I am going to talk with my pastor about purchasing the property for their church since I live next door to my church.
    THANK YOU, for the insight into raffling not so much for monetary gains, but to assist viewers to find help through difficult times, and in the process help others in greater need. GOD BLESS YOU.

  43. avatar Brian Snow says:

    I personally built our home in 2007, every bit of dirt move, nailed banged etc I did. Falling on Hard times after loosing my job, we are trien to sell our home with no success, and thought of a Raffle, we live in RI and the last appraisal was for 780,000. Because my blood sweat and tears went into this home I hate to loose it. Can any help u walk away and hold our smile’s high?

  44. avatar kfam charity organization says:

    In response to Brian Snow who wrote on october 25 , 2008.
    our charity can help yu to raffle your house, we are in process of raffling a house and 2 vacant lots in Rhode Island or call 401-678-2222.

  45. avatar Gary Paris says:

    I am a Real Estate Broker in California and recently herd about some home owner out of state that successfully raffled off their home. I represent clients that own a newly constructed custom home that has been on the market for over a year! We have had very little activity and or interest in this beautifull “Mediterranean Villa” priced at @1,645,000. What are the Raffle laws in California and would this property qualify? If you do not know the answers can you direct me to someone that can answer my questions.
    Thank you.

  46. Well, Hello Mr. Bruce Anderson. This is very ironic being that i just spoke to my husband last night and this was the first time he did not refuse on selling the house. He seemed very interested when i mentioned a raffle and asked that i look into the details such as rules and regulations. Of course i did mention it would be nice to move up to Boonsboro MD so the kids could be closer to their grandma Dorsey who coincidently works with you there at San Mar Home. all the information you gave is a great start, “very good information” Thank You for your time. Rosemary Dorsey, still here in NC 🙁 (ps. if you are interested in the raffle please let me know.)

  47. avatar Regina says:

    is it possible to raffle a house in pennsylvanic

  48. avatar lynn says:

    The New York Times had an article that further explained the rationale for the homeowners’ raffling.

  49. avatar ed hill says:

    Great day in America the country we all love.It’s a true shame to be reading all your mostly desparte comments here. I myself float in the same boat.I am not sure if a raffle is indeed posible here in the beautiful state of Virginia,My home is a Lake access,lake views home on beautiful smith mountain lake in south west virginia near Roanoke.If anyone can offer any direction to explore this raffle possibilities I’m all ears.Charity not sure who to or where to start.

  50. avatar Ms. Fine says:

    I need expensive surgery and have to sell my homes in 3-5 months. I have two on one lot that need work for sure but to someone knows what they are doing can fix them, apply to subdivide and make a good profit. I’d love to raffle them for tax value. I also have a house with a garage and an apt over a two car garage that could be converted to house easily and again apply for subdivision. Anyone do raffles in Georgia?

  51. avatar Candice says:

    Hi there-
    The little girl next door broke her neck diving into her swimming pool and the family has a LOT of expenses. My husband and I would like to raffle off our townhouse and give ALL profits to the family or to some spinal cord charity in her name. We live on Long Island in NY. Is this legal for us to do? Anyone know where we should start?

  52. avatar Sheryl says:

    Would raffling off a business be any different than a house? We own a resort in Michigans Upper Penninsula, and with current conditions in our state I think a raffle could be the only way we might sell.

  53. Candice,
    I’m going to email you offline but feel free to email me as well. I would love to help.

  54. avatar Darla says:

    This is for Candice. Here is a link I found that may help you. God bless you for helping. I wish there were more people like you in this world.
    Darla (for Washington State)

  55. avatar Tina says:

    I am in this boat too. Getting divorced, 3 young children and a 4bedroom home to sell. I know so many homes sit for too long and with what I will get for child support and my partime income will not allow me to continue making the payments for MTG,and Taxes. I thought of this idea, and honestly did not know it existed until I got searching on line to find out how to do it. I also agree if this is made easier it would solve this country’s housing problem all together, what a better way to help each other, esp. if the charity is doing it’s part, helping others. Then the Gov. should be able to do it’s job., I do not know who to contact in IL, can you provide a contact?

  56. Each person interested in a raffle needs to first determine legality in their respective state. I’m adding a link to this post for people to do just that.
    Anyone in the New York City or surrounding areas can contact me directly and i will be more than happy to donate my time to assist with such a charitable event.

  57. avatar David says:

    I really appreciate the good information on this site.
    My wife and I own a home in Texas that we have been trying to sell for a couple of years (we still owe about $50K….it’s appraised in the mid-80s). Out of frustration, and financial necessity, we rented the house out. That hasn’t worked… all.
    I am the pastor of a church. Would raffling the house, and giving everything above and beyond the appraised value of the home to the church I pastor, be a conflict of interest in any way?
    We are certainly non-profit, and our little church could sure use the money for roof repairs and to help send some kids to Youth Camp.

  58. avatar Elly says:

    I live in MO and have a house that I would be interested in raffling off. It is owner financed and I owe some on it. What are the laws and I understand have to go through a charity. I just want to pay it off and not over appraised value. Thanks for any help.

  59. Elly,
    Click on the link Charitable Gaming Laws to read your state’s law and determine who to contact for licensing, etc.
    Good luck!

  60. avatar Tina says:

    Doug, where is the link you stated would be posted?

  61. The LINK to charitable Gaming Laws is at the end of the post. I have added “<—this is the LINK” immediately following.

  62. avatar Matt says:

    I can’t believe the amount of comments you had for this blog entry. Just goes to show how eager lots of people are to get rid of their homes.

  63. avatar Candice says:

    Thanks, but that is for Washington State. I’m all the way in NY. I don’t know if the info will help me or not. Douglas contacted me, and I’m trying to figure out if this is legal to do or not…

  64. It is not only legal but we are going to make this happen!!! Stay tuned readers for more info on this upcoming raffle to benefit Hannah Sheppard and her family.

  65. avatar Michael says:

    Anyone done this in Georgia?
    Looking to start a company that will auction off houses, townhomes, and vacation property, to benefit charity, winner, auction company, and property holder.
    Contact me at

  66. avatar Tom W says:

    Right now I see a raffle as the only way out of my real estate dilemma. I convinced my parents to go in with me on a beautiful house in FL as an investment. I took out a mortgage on it but, unfortunately, my parents took a home equity line of credit (HELOC) on the home they live in to pay for their half of it. At the time it seemed like a good idea, but now it’s a disaster. Now that the value has dropped so drastically, if I sold it, my side of the mortgage would be covered (hopefully) but there would be virtually nothing left to help pay back my parents HELOC. The bank would simply take any cash made on the sale to pay back my mortgage at closing. I would never see any of it. The home my parents live in is their retirement and they will be crushed if the money in the HELOC is lost on them. My question is if I raffle off the home can the money raised go to pay off my mortgage and my parents HELOC with the remainder going to charity?

  67. avatar Tom W says:

    Who actually conducts the raffle? Is it the seller, the charity or both?

  68. avatar Nicole says:

    Is it legal/possible to raffle a newer used car and what is the legal process?
    Thank you!

  69. avatar Tanya Polk says:

    I live in Flint ,Michigan. I have a 3 bedroom,2 bath, fireplace,central home I would like to put in a raffle, but I do not know how or where to start.Please help me

  70. avatar Cliff says:

    Did I miss it….I can’t find the link….I have several house I would like to raffle off, including a $1.2M home…thanks

  71. avatar Kyle says:

    I’m looking to contact the local Boys & Girls Club about raffling off my house. Does anyone have a business plan lay out? I’m also curious about how much goes tword the house. Is it the appraised value by the county or the amount owed on it?
    If anyone can help me out please e-mail me at
    Good Luck to Everyone.

    • avatar Evelin says:

      I have a home I am interested in rfinlafg off in St. Louis, MO. Is there anyone that can help me? I figured, surely, this was something I could just do on my own, working in a bar having a ton of connections, rfinlafg each ticket off @ $100/ ticket selling 1,400 tickets. I started to research this now there are all these rules stipulations Why am I not allowed to come up with MY own idea and purchase raffle tickets with MY money promote MY raffle for MY home that I would be paying off in full holding a drawing one night for everyone to come find out who wins??? Who is to tell me that I cannot do that?? That is ridiculous! And if I were to make any profits at all which is entirely doubtful, then why can’t I keep it pay the taxes on it?? Doesn’t make sense. Free country, people free to make their own purchases decisions. Why can’t I do this MYSELF?

  72. I created a website to raffle my house in South Jersey( I researched the topic for months because I was disturbed by what happened to the winner in Maryland & the illegal gambling aspect. The winner in Maryland ended up where the former owners got out! His taxes for winning were about $160,000, so now he’s stuck with the house, a huge mortgage & can’t get rid of either. The charity made well over $200,000 & the former owners left unburdened, but they layed a heavy burden on the poor winner who I’m sure had no idea what he was getting himself into, that’s just wrong. My site approaches things differently. I think I came up with a way to raffle the house, give it to a new owner without the tax implications & donate to a charity. Please visit my site. I value any comments. I am considering offering my services to anyone interested in doing this. We have to do something to stop the foreclosures. I also blog under as Foreclosure Fighter

  73. Jacquie,
    You seem to be terribly misinformed and to have missed the beauty of the house raffle. Firstly, they are not illegal and I’m very skeptical of how the IRS would perceive your “design” to avoid paying tax on winnings…the IRS doesn’t generally like that kind of thing. Possibly illegal in New Jersey but not my state so I can’t speak to that. Certainly legal in NY and most other states. Also, I’m shocked that you’re donating only 2.5% to charity…that is sad. That said, good luck to you but I sincerely hope that my readers will take a chance on a raffle with more upside to a charitable organization. This isn’t just about bailing out underwater homeowners.

  74. avatar Maria Gray says:

    I have a house in Largo Florida that I;m interested in raffling, I have already have the 501 3c in mind but I would like to know if it is possible to this in FL. If someone has raffled a house in Fl. Could you please let me know who I should contact to get started. I have looked at at the gaming rules in FL, but could not find anything about raffling a house.

  75. Douglas,
    I’m not misinformed. The MD charity received well over $200,000 & the winner already tried to auction the house, but had no bidders. It’s for sale again & he may raffle it if he can’t find a buyer. He wasn’t prepared for the taxes & he’s struggling now, just as the former owners were before the raffle.
    I understand the beauty in a house raffle, I blog about it on wordpress. In my case this is a homeowner bail-out,the donation to charity is secondary.
    Homeowners in this country are in just as much, if not more jeopardy than our charities, so why not something designed to benefit them for a change? Are you saying that because homeowners are not charities they should suffer?
    Regarding the taxes, I based my concept on the following: My home appraised very well, it’s beautiful & well maintained, but we must relocate & none of those great qualities matter in this market. I’m unable to sell, so my beautiful home that I love is now a burden. I can’t borrow against it, home equity loans are a thing of the past, or I may have taken a bridge loan & continued with my plans. Even good buyers can’t get mortgages, banks are hoarding cash instead of lending & home values are down. So to recap…I can’t sell it , I can’t borrow against it & I am losing money every day that I remain here. The home’s worth has diminished greatly, so I will sell it to the new owner for $1, which is about what it’s worth to me now. I made it clear that the new owner may owe a capital gains tax if the home is sold at a later date, so I’m not trying to cheat anyone & I take exception to you implying or inferring that I am. I’m simply being realistic.
    As to charity,most house raffles on line now give 2-5% because margins are close & the purpose for the raffle is to get the homeowner out, not fund a charity. I didn’t set 2.5% to slight my charity, I loose sleep at night thinking about the abandoned, hungry animals coming out of this awful new national tragedy, I wish I could give them way more, but I can’t. That comment was sort of mean Douglas & I’m surprised that you made it. Didn’t anyone teach you it’s not what you give, it’s the spirit with which you give it? I bet you’re tough to buy presents for. STAF is thrilled with whatever I’m able to give & if I get more than the bare minimum, I’ve told them I will up the %, but I did not want to overextend or make promises not knowing how many will respond. 2.5% gives them a nice donation & requires much less in the way of participation. I had actually hoped to complete this, not score a charity record.
    I’m sorry you feel the way you do, this could be a very good thing for many homeowners, why not help me?

  76. Well Jacquie, when I’m wrong I have no problem admitting it and it seems my assessment of your raffle was way off. I completely and sincerely apologize.
    That said, I was implying that you were misinformed about the legality of raffles as they are legal in most of the 50 states in one form or another. I know that taxes must be paid on winnings and was completely unaware of the MD winner’s current dilemna…that is terrible and I’m really sorry to hear that. I can’t believe that he can’t sell that home for more than the cost of the taxes so that he walks away with some cash. Very unfortunate.
    Also, I totally jumped to conclusions about the 2.5% without considering that your raffle could be more successful since it would require fewer tickets to be sold. I absolutely think this is about bailing out homeowners but the beauty to me was that it was simultaneously helping charitable organizations who are all suffering terribly as well in this economic environment. I understand your motivation and design much better now and again I apologize for “insulting” you. That was not my intention at all.
    Lastly, I’m not an accountant but one of my good friends worked for the IRS for many years and they don’t like not getting their “due.” If you can legally sell a home for $1 and avoid paying taxes then “way to go!”
    So what I’m saying is that I’m really sorry for judging your motivation without deeper investigation or understanding of your raffle. This has taught me a valuable lesson.
    Good luck with your raffle and after further investigation I may actually post it here on TrueGotham as well.

  77. Douglas,
    Thank you, I would appreciate any help you can offer me.
    I was drawn to the house raffle because it has a human side. Charities are in need & I like that they benefit from the process. Not all homes will generate big returns, but everything helps. I’m not motivated by money,so when something’s all about making it, I’m turned off.
    My reason for advocating this as a bail out for homeowners is this; I feel we’re facing a defining moment in history. We are creating an ‘F’ generation & I think reprecussions will be felt for years to come. The ‘F’ generation is comprised of the kids that helplessly witnessed the down fall of their parents & may be left with all kinds of emotional problems.
    Imagine being a child whose relatively normal family suddenly finds themselves homeless… Your home, your room & bed, your toys, most of your clothes,your dog or kitty or fish, gone, dropped off at a park or left on the side of the road, imagine driving away from that! Parents are so desparate they’re leaving their kids as well. They’re devastated & after the big ‘F’,they won’t be able to buy a pack of saltines on credit for over 10 years. Where do they go, what do they drive, where do they live with no credit & no money?
    As an animal lover, there’s another issue. Pet owners that normally pamper & care for their pets are now leaving them in parks & worse yet, inside abandoned homes! Dogs & cats can’t call out for pizza or get a drink when they want, if you leave them they wil die. Folks are so devastated that they’re doing things out of character. Shelters require a surrender fee of about $10 per animal, so that’s not even an option for some of these people. All the good work done over the last 30 years by animal groups like the one I’m donating to is being wiped out by this housing crisis.
    I’m not in foreclosure myself, but while doing my research, I came across this information & was deeply disturbed.
    I’m considering petitioning the US Congress to set aside the restrictions & tax issues related to house raffles in all states until this crisis is in hand.
    I know the IRS is formiddable & they usually get what they want or they make your life a living hell, but I believe they would win in the long run. This is no time for short sightedness. If they gave a little now, on the tax issue, without making us do these creative side steps, they would get it back ten fold in income tax because the economy would recover much sooner.
    Thanks again, sorry for the length.

    • avatar Bobbi says:

      I would love to raffle our home as we are going to lose it if we don’t do something. Have the restrictions changed at all in last 3 years for the state of Ky.?

  78. avatar Jasmin` says:

    Hi Douglas,
    I live in staten island NY and I am very interested in raffling my 3 bedroom condo.I would appreciate any assistance you can give me in that regard.

  79. avatar Peggy says:

    I have a home in Rockland County that I might be interested in selling in a raffle. Please let me know how these things work and how I hook up with a worthwhile charity.

  80. avatar Rose says:

    Hello Douglas,
    Our family lives on Long Island, NY and have tossed the idea of a house raffle for a while. Since hearing about several on the news recently we are very insterested in this concept, but have many questions. We would appreciate any information you can help us with, like where to start, how to access a lawyer with knowledge of this nature, how to find a charity and does the charity have to be in the same state. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone if it is legal in New York. Also what costs should we anticipate to set up and run, and any liabilities involved. We have been hard working people all of our lives, and decided to build a home to sell back in 2006. In the middle of the project, the real estate market fell into a down spiral. Of course the project took much longer than we anticipated and the costs were more expensive also. we don’t want to be one of those people forced into forclosure and losing everything we worked so hard for all these years so this seems like a great idea while at the same time helping some Charity through these rough times too! Thank you so much for this site.

  81. avatar John says:

    This is the way to the future in the home sales and other big items for sure!. I read about these guys putting together the first major national raffle website. They are not up yet, but it seems they have a website that’s soon to be launched You may ask them to consider you when it’s ready.

  82. avatar Kim says:

    We have a fully furnished 4 bedroom, 3 bath Ocean Front condo in N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is an income producing vacation rental. We need to sell ASAP and would love to consider a house raffle. Is this legal in SC? Who do we call to research this? How do we get started! Please help!

  83. avatar John says:

    Sorry, I should correct the url for raffle xperts, it should be
    I’ve contacted them to see what’s their status regarding going live and they said most states will be ready to go within a month, and legal issues in Florida are also in the works that will allow raffles of Real Property through their website. They are currently putting people on the waiting list for the launch.

  84. avatar Jill says:

    I have been researching raffleing our house fofr awhile now. I wish there was more contact information out there. We are looking into a contest rather than the raffle wherefore neither party will have to pay winning tax which can go into a couple hundred thousand dollars. I think in todays real estate crisis this should really take off, but we should be able to keep the profit and donate a percentage to the charity of our choice, it is a win win for all of us and maybe what we need to get our econemy moving and a decline in forclosures. Any info to share please email me at Thank you

  85. avatar Blanche Shows says:

    Hi Douglas,
    Here I’ve thought I came up with a totally new idea to sell my house and now I find out that I don’t have a new idea at all. Thank goodness there are others out there in the same shape as we are. Have you heard from anyone that has done this in Louisiana? We have a beautiful lake front property close to Baton Rouge that we need to sell so we are going to proceed and see what we can do. I’ll post info on this site that I think might help someone else. Hopefully, others will do the same. Lets see if we can get enough info together to help all of us. Aren’t we Americans known for our ingenuity to take care of ourselves? My husband and I plan to raffle off our home ASAP. Will keep you informed.

  86. avatar Pearl says:

    Would a $1.00 ticket attract more people to participate in a House Raffel Ticket or even a Car Raffel Ticket?
    Let me know

  87. avatar Devetta McMasters says:

    Where can I get information for raffling my car………not for charity, but personal.

  88. avatar Faith says:

    Well this page really gave me a lot of info about a raffle for our home. I thought it would be a great idea, a cheap way for a family to get into a home with a $50 dollar raffle ticket, and a good way to help a charity.
    My husband and I are cab drivers in Chicago, and we have noticed that business has slowed down a lot. I can’t tell you how many people I have had in cab who tell me this is their last day at at work, or their company was bought by another and they are laying off 1000 people.
    So even though we bought a wonderful home which we love, less than 1 1/2 ago we can’t afford to keep it now. We missed our first payment this janurary. We can wait till we are blue in the face for busy to get better, but they mortgage company wont wait.
    But I am worried about the tax on such a venture for the winner. Even if the raffle goes well someone would end up paying a lot in taxes. So what seemed like a good idea to help a family that might not have been able to buy a house, get one for a $50 dollar ticket, is not a very good idea since taxes would be about 165000 on a 330000 home or somewhere close to it.
    We would rather let the home go into foreclosure then stick someone in a boat like that.
    To not feel guilty about the taxes we would have to make it clear that the winner will win the house for a $50 ticket but also be responsible for 165000 in taxes. That will kill your sales of the raffle big time.

  89. avatar Dan Osorio says:

    Is there a company in Arizona that handle raffles like this. And how is the law in Arizoan with regards to raffle?

  90. avatar Irene says:

    Hello Douglas,
    Would love to raffle my home in Dayton Ohio that been up for sale on and off for the past 6 years. It’s a really pretty home in a very upscale area. Can I raffle pay the morgage and the other debts on the home and give the remaining to charity?
    will I be taxed on the tickets sold?
    does anybody have any idea on Ohio laws??
    I can form a charitable organozation or even hookup with one for that matter.
    Thanks hope to hear from you very soon

  91. avatar Barry says:

    I have an idea and would like your thoughts on it – and its legality in Florida:
    If I set up a club or organization and charged say $100 processing fee per member to become a member (membership is free), limit each group to 2500 members -Once I reach the 2500 membership level, I would have a drawing and one member would get to live in a $200,000 home (of which the club would buy with the processing fees) for 12 months absolutely free. then after that 12 months they could stay in the home for another 4-10 years (or even 30 years) for paying the property taxes and homeowners insurance cost.
    What do you think of the idea ?
    (maybe this would help some homeowners that are upside down until the market picks up.)
    Also would anyone know if it would be legal to do this in Florida ?
    *this way your not giving away real estate or property – just free rent.
    **also there is no membership fee so anyone can join, but remember there is a $100 processing fee to generate money to buy home.
    *** you could even lower the processing fee and/or get less members, and only do 12 months free rent, all you would need is the money to pay your mortgage for that year. and do the same thing next year for a new group of members.
    **** email me at: ****

  92. avatar STEVE DA'MES says:

    I have a great property to raffle. I have done the research and it is legal in Virginia. The problem is that I can’t find a 501(c)(3) charity that will conduct the raffle and buy the home off of me. Log home on 10 or 20 acres just outside of the Washington, DC metro area. Following is a link to the property which has contact information if anyone knows a non-profit that would be interested.

  93. avatar janice says:

    Question: Can you have a clause in the raffle stating if xx# of tickets not sold refund to each previous purchaser? this would protect the current homeowner.

  94. avatar April E Johnson says:

    Is raffling your home only legal for charitable organization or can it be done done by others?

  95. avatar Mary Thompson says:

    Douglas, I have read all of these comments, I am still not clear, you said in all 50 states it is legal someway to raffle a house. Can we do this in the State of Florida somehow. We are making payments on our house in Homestead, FL, have been going on four yrs. We thought about this 2 yrs ago but didn’t know how to go about doing it. We were transferred to Virginia, and still making the payments on the house in FL, which was appraised around 420,000, now around 240 thou, we keep hanging on, it keeps going down, we cannot continue. As others we only want what we owe on it paid off and the rest to charity, I told my husband American Cancer Society and Humane Shelters split, two very dear to my heart, don’t even know if American Cancer Society participates in this. Can someone give me correct info on this?

  96. avatar Bonnie says:

    I need to raffle my lot in Texas. I’ve had it on the market for almost 2 years now. I don’t know how to get the permits and licensing that I need. Please advise me.

  97. avatar Renee Smith says:

    I live in Melbourne Florida, and had this same ideas about 2 years ago. We spoke with an attorney as well as did legal research and Florida will not allow you to raffle your home. You may get a non-profit to do it that has had their 5013c for a min of 3 years however the statute states that there has to be a clause that you don’t have to purchase a ticket, so that anyone can enter. So my question is can you get a non-profit out of the state and sell tickets from another state for your home in Florida?

  98. avatar SL says:

    I founded and direct an International ministry which is a 501 (c)(3) charity. I own a house in NC that I want to raffle, with about 2 acres of very nice land. I want to donate everything over the value of the property to the ministry that I direct. I have read that real property can not be raffled off in NC by charities, and that no item over 10,000.00 can be raffled. Does anyone know if this is the latest law on this? Also, does anyone know if the raffle is conducted outside the state of NC, even though the house and property are inside the state if it would still fall under NC laws?
    We have an atty researching this law at this time. Hoping to hear something soon.
    Thank you.

  99. avatar ray says:

    dont even remotely try to get a license in idaho to raffle off even a candy bar as a legal small non profit theyve just drug us countless months and hundreds off dollars to no availablity of ever getting a license the women id a dishonest creep she denies aus and when we fix things and reapply its all new reqasons why we cant give you this license and alot of the things have nothing to do with lottery laws its just so pathetic very very scarry conservative area idaho and people dont weanna see anyone smile or have fun at anything its yr typicalUPTIGHT conservative redneck area of unfriendly pissed at thwe wolrd people running the state and local gov here all pissed that obam won and not mcinsane Im just sick i wasted months upon months and thousdnads of dollars including purchaseing a 305 k home for our non profit to have this dishonest creep fish for ever to say no

  100. avatar Bob Norssen says:

    The IRS tax situation seems to destroy any raffle advantage.
    Please, what are the tax rules?
    The owner pays for what?
    The raffle winner pays for what?
    The appraised value is $1.2M
    Mortgage and HELOC are equal to appraisal. Object it to pay those off.
    Intended raffle at $120 per entry.
    $100 going to escrow for clear title.
    $20 to expenses of raffle including cost
    of promotion. Owner-seller hopes for some residue.
    No time limit set for raffle to accept
    entries up to 150% of title obligations.
    No charity was intended.
    Unique highly desireable home, open view of Sound and Olymic mountains, Wa state.
    Any advice?

  101. avatar ILA says:

    I contacted a gaming lawyer,a few months ago about raffling our restaurant. He E-mailed me,a curt reply “It is illegal to raffle real estate that is not free and clear” Our restaurnt happens to be free and clear, but he assumed it wasn’t.I have been holding off til I do my home work.There is a great deal to do .It is not a simple matter. I’m thinking of hiring a celebrity chef to do a public, televised the drawing and selling the tickets for $5.00 each.The trick is, to get enough tickets sold to break even and also donate a decent amount to charity.(my understanding is, that the appraised value of the property can be taken by owner/raffler and the remainder, must go to a registered non profit organization)The raffle must receive enough publicity somehow. When times are tough, we all must get creative and that is what Americans do very well. Good luck everyone.God bless.

  102. avatar Melissa says:

    I have the same question as janice above. Also – is it possible to just run the raffle until a certain number of tickets is sold – and cover the taxes for the new homeowner with the total amount as well as a minimum amount for the charity to receive?
    Has anyone in illinois found out more about raffeling?

  103. avatar Barbara J. Gore says:

    Jacquie Davis has the right idea. While charities are important and I beleive in them, this issue at hand is about giving home and other property owners an avenue to sell their properties so they can get out of debt with out having to lose every thing they’ve worked for all their lives.
    She’s absolutely right in saying that charities are secondary. After all, they are benefiting, greatly, with more of a reward than the home owner receives, in most cases. he home owner makesFrom the articles I’ve read, it seems that the homeowner has a slim chance of breaking even. The charities end up with GRAND PROFITS at the expense of the advdersity of the home owners. They share NO BURDEN! They end up being the gallent recepiant of pretty heafty rewards, considering that they are receiving tax free dollars!.Some times we just need to step back and take a common sense approach and see things objectively.
    Thanks to Jacquie Davis for the enlightenment. I have one and a half condos and two houses ; three of which I’ve been paying ‘Interest Only’ for over three years. It’s killing me, not to mention all the HOA dues, taxes, isurances, utilites, maintainence and the whole gamment! Try those shoes on for size.
    In understanding that the consideration of the home owner has to come first, one you might be in a better position to judge who is in more need for help in this economy, the home owner or the charities. Without the people own the street, so to speak, the charities would have no donations. We have to FIRST preserve the integrity of the home owners so they will be able to contribute to charities. It’s like the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”
    It doesn’t takes much intelligence to know that if the home owner doesn’t Rank In First Position that there will be no money for charities. I don’t mean to sound hard, that’s just a fact!
    Congress does need to step in , IN AN EMERGENCY BILL, and allow people to raffle their homes and other properties without penalties, atleast as Jacquie stated, until this crisis is over. It would help to REV UP THE HOUSING MARKET…BIG TIME… and take a lot of burden off the tax payers by bailing out every TOM, DICK AND HARRY. (No offence if any one’s names are one of those). Of course, we are not the “Elite” who qualified for assistance. To pass that Bill would atleast signifiy that the government is willing to help us in some form. We won’t get any help from them any other way.
    I’m interest in having raffles to sell my properties, too. I’m not afraid to work at it. Any thing worth doing is WORTH DOING RIGHT! I, too, need to find someone that is willing to WORK. I won’t toloerate any person nor organization that is slothful. The job has to be done. Set a goal and STICK TO IT. When things get tough, the tough get going. We have to push fear out of the way.When some one tell us that “WE CAN’T,” that’s the time to prove that we CAN!
    Some times we have to walk through the first before the next one will open.
    Thank you, Douglas, for having this website.
    Good sucess to every one. We are limited only by our minds. There’s nothing to big for us to conquer. Fear is our worst enemy. We’ve already defeated fear the moment we decide that we will not fail.

  104. avatar Joan Bradford says:

    I own a bed and breakfast and have been trying to sell it for sometime now. I do weddings as well here. Is there a difference between raffling a home and raffling a business that is also your home.
    Also, what kind of privacy issues did these people have. Did they allow people into the home for inspections or previews?

  105. avatar Larry Nelson says:

    I live in a resort area in North Idaho and would like to raffle my home is there an organization I can contact in this state to handle it?

  106. avatar Rick Wallace says:

    A lot of the questions I see here are addressed in a book called, “The Home Raffle Book” which can be found at

  107. avatar Rick Wallace says:

    Question: Are you aware of any petitions to Congress to try and get the laws related to home raffles changed? Also, I really think the new book titled, The Home Raffle Book, will help folks make the right decision regarding whether or not to attempt a home raffle.

  108. avatar Carol McDonough says:

    What about selling a mobile home, is that under the same laws?
    Thank you,
    Carol in California

  109. avatar mary says:

    I am interested in doing a raffle for my home as a guaranteed 1 month of the year, for ten years as a vacation spot in Florida . It is one mile from the beach and tourist come from all over the world. Do you think this is possible and any input you have to offer.
    Warm Regards

  110. A lot of questions here that I’m so NOT qualified to answer. Some great ideas and I wish everyone the very best of luck if you choose to attempt a raffle.

  111. avatar jeff says:

    Good for you Candice and wanting to help your neighbor… that is what the house raffle is all about. To others who are just looking to mooch a ride on any charity just to bail yourself out.. please do not place yourself in the same category as Candice. Using a charity to get a value greater than a market can bring you is innovative but slightly appauling. Ask yourself a question… if your home increased 50k in value instead of decreasing, upon sale would you be looking to give that 50k to a charity?

  112. avatar Livia says:

    I have a home I am interested in raffling off in St. Louis, MO. Is there anyone that can help me? I figured, surely, this was something I could just do on my own, working in a bar & having a ton of connections, raffling each ticket off @ $100/ ticket & selling 1,400 tickets. I started to research this & now there are all these “rules” & stipulations…… Why am I not allowed to come up with MY own idea and purchase raffle tickets with MY money & promote MY raffle for MY home that I would be paying off in full & holding a drawing one night for everyone to come & find out who wins??? Who is to tell me that I cannot do that?? That is ridiculous! And if I were to make any profits at all which is entirely doubtful, then why can’t I keep it & pay the taxes on it?? Doesn’t make sense. Free country, people free to make their own purchases & decisions. Why can’t I do this MYSELF?

  113. avatar jeff says:

    Livia… you need to think of long term consequences to our economy and marketplace. Think back to when you purchased your home… would you have wanted it to be raffled and maybe you could have won. What if raffling became mainstream? Where are you going to live after raffling your home?… will you randomly buy raffle tickets until you get “lucky” enough land a new place? How would you arrange closings/moves?

  114. avatar bonnie says:

    The whole idea of a raffle to buy a house is exciding for everyone. The seller could maybe get enought to buy another house and pay off their bills and the raffle ticket 50.00 someone that could never own a home has a chance, so everyone is happy and the fact that 35 percent go to charity is a big plus…too bad the goverment can’t leave american’s alone to do what they want with what they own-america the free is not at all true.

  115. avatar Eric says:

    How about SC?????

  116. avatar house raffle says:

    I like your info re. house raffles, we need to help home owners with raffling their houses. it’s a win win situation.
    by the way check out this web sit and house raffle in Providence Rhode island.

  117. avatar Brian Wood says:

    I admit that I feel a little bit selfish for feeling the way I do, but I’m at my wits end when it comes to the finance department. I am interested in learning more about the home raffle options. I do want to get out of my mortgage, but I also want to pay off my current student loans and the rest of my education that I am unable to finance due to the failing economy. I am also iterested in being able to donate to others who are in need. I know I’m not the only one with finacial woes right now. I want to do the right thing and be out of debt, what can I do?

  118. avatar Antonio says:

    In response to all Floridians
    I’m a Realtor, an Investor and much more I can conduct Raffles in Florida……..
    contact me by email

  119. avatar Kenny says:

    How do I Raffle my own house at $100.00 a draw!

  120. avatar John Q says:

    I have found a website where they do legal raffles from Malta
    I hope it helps

  121. avatar Dwight Dyer says:

    Beware linked with a GA charity called SeedSowers Inc.

  122. avatar DannyS says:

    so raffling in florida is illegal even if a non profit is helping you?

  123. avatar Kathy says:

    Due to our own medical surgery(ies) both my husband and I need to move back to WA state. We have a home in AZ that we want to raffle off. I have an Charitable org, that I would work with, but I wonder could we pay off the mortgage, the higher amount, since we are under water on the mortgage? We have so many medical bills, and credit card debt, that we will go back to renting, and we just have to do this.BUT, we have no problem donating the rest of the money to ASAP which the American Syringomyelia and Chiari Alliance Project which helped me when I was first diagnosed..
    we need a sense of direction. Any helpers out here?
    Thanks for the information so far, we just don’t want our credit ruined any further.

  124. I’m offering a response to the post from Janice and the post from Steve. I sold my house in a raffle and subsequently wrote the book on how to successfully complete a house raffle. If all tickets are not sold to successfully have a drawing, then the ticket buyers must get their money back– this must be stated in the Raffle Rules & Restrictions. Steve, have you tried talking to schools, the athletic booster club of a local high school (they are a 501c3 nonprofit also) and another idea: Your church. I’m currently setting up another house raffle to benefit a worthy cause supported by the Catholic Church that I attend. It is also important to present the idea to the charity listing the additional benefits they will receive other than the cash for the home, and that it does not need to purchase the home outright; it can raise the funds through ticket sales. I use a contingency addendum to the purchase agreement so the charity knows that if they can’t raise all the funds, they don’t have to buy the house. Also, be sure your raffle formula makes this a huge win for the charity. For more information, I invite you to visit my website:
    To your success, Diane Giraudo McDermott, Author of: I SOLD MY HOUSE IN A RAFFLE, A Proven Step-by-step Method to Get Your Asking Price, Save Money, Save Time, & Help a Charity Too!

  125. avatar Lynn says:

    I would like to raffle my house without a non-profit charity being involved. Is that possible in Hudson Ohio?

  126. avatar Bobbi says:

    I don’t understand the raffle laws in Ky. It’s legal but at same time it says that no individual can profit from it. Can you explain what this mean’s ?

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    Hire one, and have fun with profits.

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