San Mar House Raffle Winners

For those unfamiliar with this story, here’s a snippet from WBAL-TV in Baltimore:

"Well, the real estate market has been compromised over the last two years and so we decided to hold a raffle to sell the property and to benefit a charity," Crawford said.

The house sat for a year in a stagnant real estate market. Crawford’s dedication to the youth drove this idea.

"I’ve been a teacher all my life and my focus has been children. And naturally I thought of San Mar because it’s very nurturing and rebuilds the lives of children with difficult life experiences," she said.

San Mar’s Children’s Home For At Risk Girls is celebrating its 125th year. It provides residential care for adolescent girls who have been abused, neglected or have behavior problems.

Director Daniel Day sees this raffle as a win-win for the homeowner and the children’s

6,284 tickets were sold over 73 days in a win-win situation that sees desperate owners and a wonderful charitable organization walk away very happy.  Not to mention those who won the house and runner-up prizes.  Here are the WINNERS:

  • House: Dennis J. Weaver – Hagerstown, Maryland
  • Car: Randy Huff, Maritzea Falcom – Adamstown, Maryland
  • Carpet: Dennis Wayne &Vicky Myers Jr. – Boonsboro, Maryland
  • Furniture: Brian Kopp – Rochester, Minnesota
  • Cash: Kenneth L. Clagett – Henderson, Nevada

Since the house re-appraised at $380,000 and Realtor Cynthia Moler donated her commission, San Mar Children’s home raised over $200,000 for their cause!

Although all house raffles haven’t been so successful, the outcome of this one makes me think that some sort of National Lottery System could be modeled after this in an effort to simultaneously assist desperate homeowners while raising money for charity.

For tips and advice on conducting your own house raffle, check out How To Raffle Your House.

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