TrueGotham on Holiday…REALLY

I’m leaving in in the morning for a much needed family vacation to Mexico.  I’ll be back on Monday, March 24.  Yep 10 days of TG silence.  I’m not taking a BBerry, a laptop, or anything else that will tie me to civilization.  Looking forward to some REAL downtime and see you all in Spring.

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  1. avatar don says:

    How come Doug is ebullient when the Real estate market is hot, but when it cools off(or in this case freezes) there is nary a comment about the slowness. Instead, he takes a vacation, which is the equivalent of telling us that things are dead.

  2. Interesting Don. You obviously are an infrequent reader of TrueGotham and know very little about me or my business. I blog when I’m busy, slow, frustrated, etc. Just read deeper. That said, my business continues to churn while I’m away as Jennifer and Tom are perfectly capable and competent of handling matters while I’m away. I’m leaving in the morning in the middle of a negotiation, a contract was signed today and I have 2 new exclusive properties coming on while I’m away. Hardly a “frozen” market as you suggest. But since you seem interested, the market is a high anxiety, frustrating market for almost every party involved in a transaction. Financing contingencies have returned as buyers don’t trust banks and their tighter lending standards. The fact that we’re in a recession may be the impetus for some sellers to put property on the market before ahead of downward pressure on prices. It’s the toughest market I’ve seen in my 16 years but those of us around for a while with experience in challenging times persevere and continue to do business. That’s my last comment before my trip and I should also state that as I’m the sole writer/editor of TrueGotham, comments won’t be posted until I get back on the 24th. Sorry about that.

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