SanMar Children’s Home House Raffle

Here’s the latest update on the SanMar Children’s Home House Raffle:In the spirit of full disclosure I should let all of you know that I have purchased some of these raffle tickets and continue to promote this raffle both because I want the chance to win of course and because it is raising a huge amount of money for SanMar. Mostly because I want to see this effort succeed as I see it as a win-win-win.  They have now sold 4,214 tickets thanks to good people like you! They need to sell just 786 more in the next few days to reach their minimum goal of 5,000 tickets and hold the drawing on March 13. Otherwise, they will continue the raffle until May 9.Here is what they suggest that you can do to help:

  • Tell your friends, relatives and neighbors about the raffle and our website
  • Give them the flyer (download flyer) and entry form (download entry form).
  • Post the flyer at the corner grocery store.
  • Tell your local newspaper about it.
  • Or, simply forward the block below to all your friends so all they will have to do is go to the website to enter.

Win a House, Car, Cash or More!
Enter San Mar’s Annual Raffle Today
Order your tickets at  
Hurry — Drawing Date is March 13
Raffle Limited to 7,000 Tickets

For tips and advice on conducting your own house raffle, check out How To Raffle Your House.

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