Another House Raffle To Support Our Troops

It wasn’t long ago that the San Mar Children’s Home in Maryland successfully raffled a house to both raise money for charity and get the property off the hands of the owners.  Given the number of inquiries I have received since posting that story, it indeed seems that house raffles are becoming more commonplace in depressed real estate markets across the Unites States.  Now there is another raffle taking place in Maryland and this time the proceeds will benefit our troops through the charity AnySoldier, which is the brainchild of Sgt. Brian Horn.

AnySoldier is a non-profit 501 org and support the troops serving in harm’s way. It started five years ago when Horn parachuted into Northern Iraq with the 173rd Airborne. He stayed on the ground for a year and after 5 months finally got to call home. He asked his parents to send more care packages because his buddies didn’t get any mail from home. This was the beginning of Any Soldier Inc. On Feb 14th they exceeded supporting 1 million troops! Currently, Horn’s sister is serving in Iraq. 

An awesome cause indeed and one that I will definitely be supporting.  Here is the press release from AnySoldier regarding their current house raffle:

Any Soldier Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization, is holding a real property house raffle for the support and benefit of our troops. Homeowners Steven and Natalie Skyrm have offered their home to conduct a raffle where the net proceeds will be for the exclusive benefit of Any Soldier Inc. Raffle tickets are $100 each and will be sold online at The home is valued at $835,000 and YOU could be the proud new homeowner.

Any Soldier Inc. currently helps approximately 100,000 service members in all branches of the military, both active duty and reservists, with over 3500 military service contacts. Any Soldier Inc. supports America’s troops in dangerous deployments by facilitating a connection between our citizens and our servicemen and women. The Any Soldier® effort has given hope to most and inspired many of our soldiers knowing that the public will care for them and support them until they return home safely.

AnySoldier Inc. provides information on how anyone can send letters, care packages, and other demonstrations of support, as well as establish networks of soldiers who will be responsible for the delivery of these items. Any Soldier Inc. also aids in the facilitation’s and delivery of medical, school, and other humanitarian supplies to the soldiers who donate their time and expertise to the people of the nations they are assigned. Any Soldier’s programs include not only supporting our troops deployed in the war directly but also our wounded soldiers who have arrived home safely. Many of the supported efforts can be seen on the organization’s website.

The house, located in Prince Frederick, Maryland, approximately 30 miles from Washington, D.C., is a single-family custom colonial located on approximately 8 acres with water view of the Patuxent River, approximately 5100 square feet, five bedrooms, 2.5 baths. It is a beautiful farm property with 5 stalls, barn and 6 paddocks.

The drawing will be held at the property on Veteran’s Day 2008, Tuesday, November 11, in honor of our troops. The 2nd through 5th place raffle winners will receive cash prizes. You can purchase tickets and see rules and regulations (including those relating to the winner’s tax obligations) on the website.

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8 Responses to Another House Raffle To Support Our Troops

  1. avatar peter says:

    I’ve noticed that you have called attention to house lotteries before. Do you know the tax ramifications of winning a house by entering a private lottery? I apologize if you have covered this, but is it like winning a state lotto where taxes are due for the value of the winnings?

  2. It is my complete understanding that taxes are indeed due and to be paid just as one would pay on lottery winnings. For example, the winner of the first Maryland home that i posted would have owned about $180k in taxes and closing costs. Still not bad for a $400k house but definitely something that a ticket purchaser must consider. One could also resell the home at a huge discount to pay the taxes and pocket the proceeds.

  3. avatar vinny says:

    how do you benefit financially from these raffles and how do you get paid? does the nonprofit pay you a % of raised funds?

  4. By “you” do you mean the homeowner or the agent. The value of the home is set by an independent appraisal firm. That amount is delivered to the homeowner and the remainder goes directly to the charity. In the case of the San Mar raffle in Maryland, the agent took on the project for no commission. These raffles aren’t about agents getting paid, they are about struggling homeowners getting out from under their mortgages at the same time donating large sums to charitable organizations.
    By the way, the agent in Maryland ended up selling multiple homes and getting a huge increase in her business from all of the press.

  5. avatar Ginger says:

    I am having problems financially myself and want to raffle a house. Would you please send me the agent’s name so I can ask her some questions about it?
    Thank you.

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  8. avatar Tony says:

    Im looking to raffle a vacation at a rental log home in ideas would be nice and some how to info Thanks.

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