$1.5M Will Provide Security During Apocalypse

From BoingBoing comes word of a Titan missile silo for sale for $1.5M. Here’s what you get:

Above ground is the original 40 X 100 shop building, two concrete targeting structures, two manufactured homes, two 8 X 8 X 40 storage containers, and the silo tops of the three missile silos, two antenna silos, one entry portal and a few other misc structures.

Below ground is a huge complex consisting of 16 buildings and thousands of feet of connecting tunnels. The major underground structures are:

Three – 160′ Tall Missile Silos
Three – 4 story Equipment Terminal Buildings
Three – Fuel Terminal Buildings
Two – 6 story Antenna Silos
One Air Intake/Filtration Building
One 100′ diameter Control Dome Building
One 125′ diameter Power Dome Building
One – 6 story Entry Portal Building
and a few other misc buildings and areas.

Love this comment from ANOTHERSHAMUS…"Didn’t those go for $10.00 back in the 80’s? I knew that it would have been a good investment but I was worried about the residual radiation."

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