2075 Broadway at 72nd Street

One of the most frquently asked questions I field is "What’s happening on that lot at the corner of 72nd Street and Broadway?"

Thanks to Curbed, here’s a very accurate and complete answer direct from RKF’s website.

Check out the rendering also via Curbed and RKF.  Looks quite nice and befitting of the space.

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8 Responses to 2075 Broadway at 72nd Street

  1. avatar anon says:

    I’m surprised to hear you say that, Doug. I live very close to 2075 Broadway, and I think they should do something a little bit like the Alexandria, with the setback.

  2. Actually anon, I completely appreciate your perspective. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the top of the rendering but commenting more on the street frontage and the overall aesthetic of the building. Setbacks might be nice but I still think it’s a vast improvement over what was there before. I worked in that building back in 1992 when i started in this business and it was a hole!

  3. avatar Roberta says:

    Understand occupancy begins mid-2009 but when is construction expected to begin already? The gaping hole is unsightly and unfair to neighborhood tenants.

  4. avatar Josefin says:

    I live right by this construction pit, unfortunately, when is breaking into the bedrock going to be done? Waking up every morning to the noise and vibration of jackhammers, and am wondering if I should move already??

  5. With all due respect to everyone bothered by this project, it’s only going to improve the value of properties in the neighborhood. It will be a VAST improvement over the unsightly building that was there. Consider the noise and “gaping hole” growing pains to a better end.
    In my 16 years, I have never seen a project built that has hurt the value of properties in its immediate vicinity.

  6. avatar concerned neighbor says:

    My terrace wall was the one torn down by Gotham Development over a year ago, and they have yet to rebuild it. In the meantime an unsafe piece of blue plywood leaning against my planter at the back of the terrace is all that protects me and my family from a 50-foot drop into the construction pit. Not only is it unsightly, it’s extremely unsafe! PLEASE rebuild the wall ASAP so I can have guests (especially younger ones) outside without worrying about them falling into the pit!

  7. avatar jon bolton says:

    This construction site emits pollution everyday all day all night. It ruins the air. Yet, no one seems to care.

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