Always Busy Before Vacation?

There is a very strange phenomenon that I have noticed since the day I started selling real estate almost 17 years ago.  Every single time that I am leaving for vacation, the activity level of my business picks up.  Last year, I negotiated 3 deals from Mexico and if my memory serves me correctly, 2 of them were for properties that had been on the market for almost 6 months.  One could say that it is just the result of the Spring market except that it happens to me over Christmas vacation and summer vacation as well.  I don’t understand it at all but that is indeed what is happening yet again as my family and I are departing for St. Thomas bright and early tomorrow morning. 

I’m currently in the midst of negotiating 2 deals and expecting offers on at least another 2 in the next 24-72 hours.  I hope that I’m not giving the impression that I’m complaining about this but more the impression of wondering what this all means.  If I traveled more, would I be busier?  Is my persona or mood more positive prior to vacation and therefore directly impacting my business?  Can I harness the pre-vacation energy and utilize it ALL THE TIME to have a positive effect on my business?

Again, I don’t understand why this occurs but it definitely happens more often than not and this year I’m looking forward to negotiating these deals from the sunny beaches of the US Virgin Islands.

Back to blogging on the the 30th and Happy Spring everyone!

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