Amy Winehouse House on the Market for $4.2 Million

On July twenty third, 2011 the whole world said goodbye to the exhilarating and electrifying voice of Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately she couldn’t survive her excruciating battle with drugs and the death of this talented twenty seven year old singer left behind many grieving fans, family and a house, which is not less than a dream castle. The house also seems to be mourning the loss of its mistress as it is now devoid of all the musical laughter and symphonies which were once a part and parcel of the house. The walls which once heard the jazz rhythms and musical harmonies are now empty and despondent. The fans left thousands of gifts and flowers when Whinehouse died and paid tribute to the young legend and said their final goodbyes to the house.

Now the Whinehouse mansion waits for new faces in the hope that it will once again become inviting and cozy. The house, which stands gloriously in the Camden neighborhood London, was put up for sale by the family of Winehouse after her death. The family has put up an amount of $ 4.2 million.
Her parents felt that it was unsuitable for them to live in their daughter’s house after her death.

According to Graham Lock and other spokespersons that are in charge of the listing sites agreed that the architecture of the house is spell binding.

The house consists of three beautifully furnished bedrooms and a massive master suite. Many images and pictures of the house, inside and outside, have been posted on various websites. These pictures show that the expensive rock décor has been used in its construction. Moreover the kitchen comprises of sleek and stylish white and black tiles. In addition to this, there is a family room which immediately captivates the customer because of the shining red roofs and walls. On the whole the structure of the house occupies an area of twenty five thousand square feet.

When Winehouse rose to fame, she bought this house after the consent of her father and she paid a whooping price of 1.8million pounds. Unfortunately she didn’t live for more than a year in the house and said goodbye and left behind a forlorn house.

According to many reporters and spokespersons, the house is perfect for a family as it is cozy yet elegant. A sense of homecoming embraces a person as soon as he steps in the house. Moreover the state agents guarantee that its maervelous structure and finishing will bring happiness to those who become its proud owners.

The price told to the public is 4. 2 million dollars but Graham Lock was sure that the houses of the legends are normally sold at a higher price than the rate that is normally mentioned in the market.

No doubt that Amy Whinehouse was in a league of her own and her powerful yet melodious voice captured the souls of many people. The house itself can never diminish the love and emotions that are attached to the place and whoever will get the house will be lucky.

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