Another Troll Joins the Ranks of Real Estate

No surprise that Casey Serin, poster child for the housing bust, finally had to get a job (via Consumerist).  If you’ve followed his laughable antics as an unsuccessful flipper on his blog, then you will likely be as thrilled as I am to hear that it’s done!  No more BS from this criminal. 

Surprise surprise surprise, his next venture is rumored to be that of a real estate agent.  From criminal to Realtor.   Perfect!  Just what we need in a profession that struggles daily to dispel the used car salesman stereotype.  I just don’t understand why the barrier to entry remains so incredibly low in a profession responsible for handling most people’s largest asset? 

Unfortunately, those who choose to work with Casey won’t likely be privy to his lying, cheating, and scheming ways that should land him in jail.   How many more are out there just like him who lack any sense of integrity?  Unfortunately, still too many and as evidenced by Casey’s jump to real estate, the ranks of the dishonest continue to grow.

My advice:  GOOGLE!!!  Check out your agent before you even meet them you may be quite surprised at what you find.

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