Best NYC Fourth of July Events

In New York City, most events organized on Independence Day are extravagant, imposing, and ultimately, entertaining. There are a lot of new parties, but also plenty of old traditions. Those who want to have a lot of fun on the Fourth of July should check out the following events:

Macy’s Fireworks Show

One of the most expected events is the Macy’s Fireworks show. It takes place along the Hudson River and it begins at 9 p.m. The theme of this spectacular light show is “The Gift of Freedom” and it is organized in honor of the Statue of Liberty, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. The fireworks will be accompanied by some great music. This event also has an official radio station, 1010WINS, which is will broadcast live the whole show.

The Hot Dog Eating Contest

A very famous event that takes place in New York is the Hot Dog Eating Contest. This competition is organized on Coney Island in Brooklyn at Nathan’s, between Stillwell and Surf Avenues. This is an annual party and it’s extremely funny and interesting to see how much women and men can eat for the big prize. This year, the competition celebrates its 97th anniversary. The contestants usually eat a lot more than a couple of hot dogs. Joey Chestnut is a 3-time champion, but no one knows if he’s going to win this year as well. The competition begins at 12 p.m. and there will be more than 50,000 spectators.

The Revolutionary New York Walking Tour

The Revolutionary New York Walking Tour is another interesting event that takes place on the Fourth of July in NYC. The tour starts at the City Hall Park and will include sites that had an important role in the War of Independence. Big Onion Walking Tours is going to take visitors to sites associated with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, the Federal Hall and Alexander Hamilton’s grave.

The Cruise Fireworks

The Cruise Fireworks show is also an extremely special and appealing event to consider. The celebration is organized by the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise at Pier 83 and it allows individuals to see the spectacular fireworks from a boat. The ship leaves the harbor at 4:30 p.m. and it features music, drinks and good food. This is without a doubt the best place to see the light show. The cruise will be back by 11 p.m.

Fireworks Viewing Party, Hudson Terrace

A very interesting Fireworks Viewing Party is held on Hudson Terrace, on 621 West 46th Street. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. and will last until 2 p.m. The location will offer amazing views, excellent music, authentic barbecue, and an open bar.

City, at Pier 17, South Street Seaport

Last but not least, people who want to have some real fun must go to Clipper City, at Pier 17, South Street Seaport. They will be sailing in the America’s largest passenger boat and they will have one of the best summer holidays ever. The individuals will benefit from champagne, open bar and a great BBQ. The fee is quite high, but everything will be well worth the cost. The boat will be leaving the harbor at 5.30 p.m. and the party will last almost 5 hours.

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