Buyers and Sellers Advice to Real Estate Agents

This is perhaps the absolute best advice I have ever seen posted for real estate agents and it comes directly from a seller/buyer.  The Big Picture’s Rules for Real Estate Agents is a MUST READ for ALL Real Estate professionals and here are some highlights from 13 tips that the post provides:


1. Don’t waste our time.

2. Don’t lie to us

3. Don’t tell us what is right before our eyes.

4. Don’t tell me how much a neighbor is "asking."

5. Don’t show me architectural plans

6. Don’t up sell us way beyond our price range

7. Don’t make up phony competitive bids


1. Ask intelligent questions.

2. Tell us what we may not know.

3. Show us things we cannot find on our own

4. Give us insight into the history of the listing

5. Help out the negotiation process

6. Shut the f$%# up occasionally.

If you’ve read this much, do yourself a favor and read the entire post including the elucidation of each point.  It’s great stuff and funny as hell too!

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