Can You Trust Your Real Estate Agent?

Although the bar continues to be raised in the residential real estate industry, marginal agents remain the scourge of the industry’s reputation as a whole. From big ego to misinformation, it is all too often that an agent is an obstacle instead of an asset to the transaction process. It remains imperative that buyers and sellers alike take the time to determine if their agent has what it takes to represent them in a successful real estate transaction.

Consumers should consider these things when interviewing and deciding with whom they will trust with often the biggest transaction in their portfolio:

  • References- Ask for more than one and call them.
  • Google-It seems obvious but there is so much to learn about someone via Google.
  • Quiz the selling agent-have a friend call them and ask questions about the building and report back to you as to whether or not responses were sufficient.
  • Caution with friends/family-If choosing a family member or friend to represent you, don’t take for granted that they have your best interest in mind and demand the professional service you would ask of a stranger.
  • Ask “why you?”-Listen carefully to their response being certain that they bring something of value to the table.
  • Referrals-Ask your co-workers, family and friends about their experiences with agents and consider a referral based on their responses.
  • The Brand-Greatly consider and examine the company for which your agent works. You may apply the same tips above on a macro level for the company.

Don’t fall into the trap that all real estate agents are created equal. A solid, savvy and sophisticated real estate professional will be the difference between a successfully smooth transaction and a potential nightmare.



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