Carnival of Real Estate #145

I’m honored to have been asked to host the Carnival of Real Estate again this week and I am pleased to say that there were a lot of great submissions to peruse.  I had hoped to come up with some clever theme for this week’s Carnival but alas my brain is fried from all the goings on related to opening my new Heddings Property Group office.  

With that said, given the emotional roller coaster that so many in this country are "riding" right now, I have decided that this week’s submissions will be categorized in a range of emotions.  Not necessarily those with which I’m currently familiar (a few perhaps) but let us begin with…









And last but definitely not least is something I am all too familiar with when it comes blogging on a daily basis…,


So that’s it everyone.  Thanks to all who submitted posts and I apologize to those whose submissions I was unable to post.  

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4 Responses to Carnival of Real Estate #145

  1. avatar Diane Tuman says:

    Doug: Thanks for including us in your “7 Deadly Sins-like” lineup. Maybe it should be called the “9 Emotions to Get You in Trouble.” Very creative even though you were opening a new office at the same time!

  2. avatar Jim Cronin says:

    Thanks so much for the inclusion. I am off to read the other ‘winners’. Well done.

  3. Doug,
    Thanks for the nod; I’m delighted to be included in such an impressive range of emotions. Great theme!

  4. avatar Jay Thompson says:

    Thanks for the mention Doug,and congrats again on your office move!

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