Caught By a Meme

Drew from ZillowBlog has tagged me with a meme that’s making the blog rounds. Essentially, you have to divulge five things most people don’t know about you. Here goes:

  1. I’m the first and only person from either my mother’s or father’s family who has earned a bachelor’s degree.
  2. I have had some interesting jobs! I did a stint in the U.S. Navy and also a stint with the FBI in the 80’s. I was a substitute elementary school teacher for two years in the New York City public school system (while running my own real estate brokerage to supplement that wonderful teacher’s salary).
  3. During a brief stint as an actor I did a commercial for Snapple, a radio voice-over as a surfer dude for Britches of Georgetown, and played a “stoner” as in extra in Oliver Stone’s movie, The Doors.
  4. Even my wife doesn’t know this: when she suggested we name our son Cole, I was in total agreement. I love that name. Why? Because I am obsessed with the movie Days of Thunder, in which Tom Cruise’s character is named Cole Trickle.
  5. Speaking of my wife, she’s a bigwig at Food and Wine magazine, which is a job that comes with unbelievable perks. We go to so many restaurants I can’t even remember them all. I recently saw a list of the thirty best restaurants in Manhattan. I asked Kate why we hadn’t been to more of them. She called me a name and pointed out that we had been to every single one of them. She even remembered what I ate. Thanks to her job, I have played golf with Greg Norman, tennis with Nick Bollettieri… I could go on and on.

Part of the meme deal is that you have to spread the word. I’ll tag Kevin at 3 Oceans Real Estate and Noah at Urban Digs.

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