Central Park Address Sells for $50 Million

Central Park Aerial ViewAccording to city records, there was a new hit on the real estate market in New York, and a fabulous, luxurious propriety was just sold for $50 million. Such great transaction is not out of the ordinary for the area, and both Central Park and Fifth Avenue, are renowned to have great prices claimed for such opulent residences. What is more, the $50 million propriety was sold without negotiations; the complex is real estate jewel, being situated in a fine building on Fifth Avenue. It is a co-op, full-floor propriety, without wraparound terraces, it does not feature any outdoor space, and yet it is really worth the price.

The apartment measures 5,000 square feet and it features an outstanding view of Fifth Avenue and its corresponding sceneries. Future owners of the condo will be able to admire the city through the oversized windows that make the apartment such a lovely place to live. Additionally, it includes a total of twelve rooms, out of which four have wide, elegant bedrooms, and two-bath guest chambers placed on the ground floor. Moreover, the entire place is perfectly designed and the interior décor was done by the talented Thad Hayes. The propriety will take your breath away due to the small but effective details and convenient additions. If you’re looking for a wonderful, welcoming place to live in NYC, this $50 million condo will certainly exceed your expectations.

The apartment presents fine plank oak floors and it includes a private elevator, as well as thirty windows. Also, each one of the bedrooms has a private bathroom, while the master bedroom, which is the most impressive, has a chic fireplace and it offers stunning landscapes over Central Park. Furthermore, this top residence features a complete library and a 27 feet living room, where residents are invited to relax and enjoy the pleasurable atmosphere and the astonishing views.

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