Central Park Remains a Vital Place for New Yorkers to Meet

Central Park

Whether you’re visiting New York City or have just moved to the area, you’ll definitely want to visit Central Park, one of the city’s most famous attractions. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the U.S. There’s plenty to see and do at the park, and you can bring the whole family for a fun-filled day your loved ones wont’ soon forget.

Central Park is at the center of Manhattan, and opened in 1857. The park is 778 acres. In 1858, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted won a design competition that allowed them to improve upon and expand the park with a plan they called the Greensward Plan. The new construction began on Central Park in 1857 as well, and was finished in 1873.

In 1962, Central Park was designated a National Historic Landmark. Currently, the park is managed by the Central Park Conservancy, under contract with the city government of Manhattan. The Central Park Conservancy is a nonprofit organization and contributes 83.5% of park’s annual budget of $37.5 million. The Conservancy also employs 80.7% of the park’s maintenance staff.

Activities in Central Park include horse and carriage rides. You can make a reservation to ensure that a carriage will be available when you want to take advantage of this attractive Central Park feature. A horse-drawn carriage gives you the opportunity to experience the history and beauty of the park. Horses represent a bygone era in New York City, before there were buses, cars and trains. These animals provided transportation for New Yorkers, and became an iconic symbol in Manhattan. To get a feel for old New York, take your loved one on a carriage ride through the paths of the park.

You can also take a walk or jog in the part, or participate in catch and release fishing. You can bring your fishing pole or borrow from the Park. Relax on the Harlem Meer and wait for several species of fish to bite. You must release the fish after you catch them. The activity is free for families and individuals, but groups of 5 people or more have to make reservations 2 weeks in advance. An adult with a photo ID must accompany all children.

Boathouse Restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy a meal when you’re visiting Central Park. You can watch rowboats drift by while you dine at the restaurant, which is located at the lake’s northeastern tip. If you get a seat on the deck, you’ll see swans and ducks, as the birds freely approach the deck.

For more information on all the great things there are to do in Central Park, call 212-310-6600 or visit www.centralparknyc.org.
















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