Charles Rutenberg Ranks Growing

Already the eighth largest brokerage in Manhattan, Charles Rutenberg Realty’s ranks continue to swell to almost 300 agents.  The pace of growth has picked up significantly as agents are asking themselves, "What has my broker done for me or my clients lately?"  Too often the answer is a resounding "not much" or "they continue to make a lot of empty promises."  I am meeting and/or speaking with prospective new Rutenberg agents almost daily (2 came to my office yesterday) who have determined that a move makes a great deal of sense.  The complaints are all the same:

  • their firms have cut advertising budgets in half 
  • those firms have a brand-centric approach to the industry versus being consumer-centric
  • the same promises are being made over and over again without delivery
  • their firms continue to squeeze them financially in an effort to compensate for the softer market

It’s no secret that the face of the real estate industry is changing rapidly and the traditional brokerage model is no longer best suited to serve the the agent nor the consumer.   The Rutenberg design is a true independent contractor model that enables agents to ALWAYS do what is in the best interest of their client from an advertising, marketing and market navigation perspective.  Of course those who don’t adhere to this very simple principal won’t last in the industry.  Those who do and take advantage of the incredible support and exciting non-traditional business model that Rutenberg has to offer will be the pioneers who change the face of the urban real state landscape.  I promise that these changes will hugely benefit the consumer!

Again, if you are an agent thinking of making a move, please feel free to email me or call me for more information on exactly how the Charles Rutenberg business model can work for you and YOUR CLIENTS.

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