City Harvest Skip Lunch Fight Hunger Campaign

Today I’m on a field trip with my son to the NYC Transit Museum and then I will spend the rest of my day helping to collect money for an absolutely amazing organization here in New York: City Harvest.  I was reluctant to blog about this because it has absolutely nothing to do with real estate but it has everything to do with giving back to the community which is in large part the mission of True Gotham. So here goes:

TODAY you can donate what you spend on lunch to Skip Lunch Fight Hunger and help
City Harvest feed hungry kids and their families in New York City.

1 in 5 New York City kids doesn’t always have enough to eat.
You can help.

• $5 can help feed two children for a week.
•$10 can help feed a child for a month.
•$25 can help feed a child for the summer. 

If you would like to make a donation to Skip Lunch Fight Hunger, click here.

I have personally driven on the City Harvest trucks through Brooklyn delivering heads of cabbage, vegetables, juice, and a variety of other donated items and the gratitude from the recipients of this food is incredibly heart warming.   It’s a great organization and a great concept that truly gives back to the community.

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