Cut Commuting Costs by Biking to Work

The bicycle is an invention that is if anything, fascinating in nature. The bicycle is as economical as it is environmental friendly and it would be quite an achievement if most of the population in the world would switch to biking to their work places as opposed to fueling their vehicles or taking the bus, or taking the train to their work place.

Most of the working population from around the United States of America, according to survey, commutes an estimated five miles or less to their work place. Such a short distance usually takes roughly a car and a bike rider the same time to reach their destination. As a matter of fact, if one rides the bike, they will be more likely to be at their work place at a faster rate than the one who would opt to take their private car or the bus due to the high rate of traffic jams on the United States roads.

Even the local and state government has taken up an initiative by investing in programs that encourage no motorized forms of transportation. For example, the state of Washington (ranked as the most “bike-friendly” state by the League of American Bicyclists) and its Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law has cut overall vehicle mileage by 154 million miles since 2007. Among other things, the law requires large employers in congested areas to create programs and incentives that encourage their workers to drive alone less often. For every taxpayer dollar that goes into the program, businesses invest $18.

The act of bike riding is also one that is helpful to the human body. It is helpful in that, by riding that bicycle, the person is also exercising his body, hence, allowing the said individual to keep fit while at the same time ensuring that the person gets to their place of work.

Bike riding is also economical to cyclist due to the mere fact that, unlike a motor vehicle, where the motor vehicle owner has to purchase the fuel for the car, a cyclist only uses their own personal energy to ride the bike. Even though a bike also needs to be taken for service at the bicycle repair, the amount of money spent to repair that bicycle can never compare to that used in repairing a car. The situation is much worse for the people who take a bus, where they have to pay fare to get to their work place.

As a general observation, for the average human being, riding a bicycle to work is by far the most economical and healthiest way to get to their work place, people need to actually start riding more often to their places of work so as to save more money and also to keep themselves fit while at the same time reducing pollution of the environment.


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