Doug Talks Real Estate Prices on New York One

The story shot yesterday, largely in the TrueGotham Mini Cooper, is playing on TV today, and allegedly you can watch the video online although it seems to be gimpy at the moment. (UPDATE: The video worked all along, but it turns out you need a fairly current version of Real Player.) There is also a written version online, by Cheryl Wills. Here are some excerpts:

After lackluster summer sales, real estate broker Douglas Heddings feared the city’s housing prices had taken a turn for the worse. He even started advertising his blog on his mini-cooper, but turns out he didn’t need to.

"Many of us thought the market was going to continue to slow and there would be the opportunity for even more buyers, but the fourth quarter proved us totally wrong," said Heddings.

Low interest rates and sky-high record bonuses on Wall Street pushed apartment prices in Manhattan higher than ever before…

And the footprints set in the last quarter of 2006, seem to have set a strong path for the New Year.

"I, and many of my colleagues already, have more transactions in the books for the first four to eight weeks of 2007, than the first six to nine months in 2006," said Heddings.

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