Easy Home Renovations for Sellers from OpenHouseNYC

Our latest selection from OpenHouseNYC is a helpful piece for any seller who would like to maximize the value of their home prior to marketing.

For anyone on the house hunt, as much as we sometimes don’t want to admit it, small cosmetic differences can greatly influence our opinion of a property. It seems that some buyers would trade 500 square feet for a nicer looking kitchen or bathroom. So on this week’s Floorplan segment, Open House NYC host, George Oliphant meets with prospective home seller, Sasha Tcherevkoff to detail some easy home renovations that will have a huge impact on the sticker price of his home.

With a budget of around $40,000, Sasha “re-did” his kitchen and bathroom by glazing the existing fixtures, buying highest-end products from lower-end retailers like Lowe’s or Home Depot, de-cluttered the apartment with a more minimalist design and lightened the space with a fresh paint job.

Sasha feels the investment in these minor and fairly easy home renovations will directly pay off when it comes time to sell. Watch the video to judge for yourself or see if you can pick up some tips of your own…

Great tips!  I remember when my wife and I sold our last apartment, we decluttered by temporarily moving all of my son’s toys out as well as some unnecessary furniture.   We also touched up paint, changed some light fixtures, painted the kitchen cabinets and replaced some hardware (polished nickel pulls on cabinetry) which helped us sell with only one open house.  Little things can indeed pay off exponentially more than they cost.

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