Extreme Makeover: Foreclosure Edition

The Washington Post today reveals that one of the beneficiaries of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has successfully squandered the equity in their free home which is now scheduled to hit the auction block:

Symbolic to our era like a sledgehammer to drywall, the biggest house that ABC’s "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" ever made over — a sprawling, four-bedroom starter castle, a three-car garage mahal with a turret and all — has gone into foreclosure, in the ‘burbs south of Atlanta.

In that particular episode of the hyper-benevolent reality show, which first aired in February 2005, it took 1,800 volunteers a week to demolish the house with the overflowing septic tank that belonged to Milton and Patricia Harper of Lake City, Ga., and then entirely rebuild a new, larger house, while the Harpers and their three children went away to Disneyland. When they returned, they had the biggest house on Ahyoka Drive, with all the appliances and furnishings, plus enough money to pay taxes on it for decades, plus a fund to send their children to college.

The house will be auctioned off, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, next Tuesday on the steps of the Clayton County Courthouse. 

 So how could a home that the Harpers were given be facing foreclosure?  You guessed it…Equity!

The Harpers had used their home as collateral on a $450,000 loan from JPMorgan Chase and fell in arrears, the newspaper reported. He ran a home security business; she mommed at home. Happy to be on television back then, they declined to be interviewed last week, when a news crew showed up from local station WSB, wanting to know wha’ppen.

A high profile story due to the affiliation with ABC’s television show but a problem in many housing markets across the country where people expected home values to climb forever.  Now who is going to buy this house that was constructed in 7 days???

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