Fair Housing Laws Too Strictly Interpreted?

Check out this letter to the editor from this past Sunday’s New York Times regarding their recent story on what brokers can and can’t say to prospective clients:

To the Editor:

Your June 24 cover article “Questions Your Broker Can’t Answer” focused on the Fair Housing Act’s prohibitions against discriminatory advertisements, but mischaracterized its proper legal application.

Housing providers who advertise that their buildings are “family friendly” aren’t violating the law. Instead, they are announcing their compliance with the law by saying that they don’t discriminate against families with children.

The law in this area is simple but just. Housing providers should not fear that making such statements will put them on the wrong side of it.

Kim Kendrick


The writer is assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.

This makes me wonder just how insane the interpretation of these laws has become in recent months and how much fear-inspired misinformation is being spewed?  Hmmmmm?

BTW…I’m insanely busy right now!!! 

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