First Year Real Estate Frustration

College professors strongly recommended, on a daily basis, going directly to graduate school due to the daunting economic environment. That made it so much more difficult to proudly admit that I was looking forward to a real estate job immediately upon graduating. The frustrations throughout this past year have made me question, more than once, the decision I made. Working to my fullest potential, marketing myself as best I can, and completing tasks with the same passion needed to succeed in this business hasn’t awarded me with the monetary fulfillment I had anticipated. I am in no way suggesting that I expected to make 6 figures my first year in the industry – especially not in the type of market I came into. However, as I can only compare my paychecks to those of my friends who are also starting out in the workplace, the differences between a commission based vs. salary based job seem to be endless.

Though my frustration seems at times overwhelming, it has only driven me to work harder. I have the privilege of working with an incredible team, and have gained immeasurable knowledge and experience in the short time I have worked here. It often makes me feel like I have been in the industry longer than I actually have and is therefore frustrating when I do not have a bank statement that accurately reflects those feelings and the hard work. I am so grateful for and cannot think of any better partnership than the one I have with Douglas Heddings, President and founder of The Heddings Property Group. Being taught by and working alongside a top-ranking, well-known, respected broker who has been in the industry nearly 20 years selling real estate has provided me with experiences incomparable to the aforementioned friends of mine working in larger-scale, more corporate firms. The Heddings Property Group is a cohesive unit, one with a collaborative and supportive environment, where integrity, expertise, character, and creativity are all valued and rewarded. So, in effect, I not only have Doug’s 20 years in the business supporting me, I have an entire team, adding up to about 50 years in the business, ‘behind me’.

I love what I do. Real estate is my passion. I will continue to push myself through the frustrating times because I know that through my hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I will become a better real estate salesperson. Serving my clients as thoroughly and as best as possible is my number one priority, so as long as I continue to believe in myself, I know they will too.   

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