Flatiron District NYC in Focus

The real estate market in New York City is recovering fast. The changes happened mostly in 2011 while many places have started to seem attractive to the buyers or the rent seekers. Flatiron District is one of those places that had recently seen a great deal of interest from prospective real estate buyers. Real estate in the Flatiron District of New York city covers the area contained within the 14th and 23rd Street blocks of Park Avenue and Sixth Avenue. The name of Flatiron District came from the well known Flatiron building. Architect Daniel Burnham designed this triangular shaped building.

The area is accompanied by the Madison Square Park. This soothing green park and lawn is like a breath of freshness in the area. You can see the amazing neighborhood view from this park. The interesting, triangular Flatiron building and the New York Life Building with its golden pyramid style top look really nice from the park. The inhabitants can have a great evening sitting there with a mug of shake and a tasty burger from the street side shack.

The real estate properties in this area have a lot to offer from architectural point of view. There are a lot of trendy shopping places and stylish dining places in this area. You will also find here a number of top class restaurants in the city. There are also plain and simply stand by eateries like City Bakery for a quick refueling. The shopping places here are special because of the old, classy yet dynamic boutique shops. A recent addition to the neighborhood is the Math Museum. This museum has resulted in an increase of the number pedestrian visitors in this part of the city.

This area had been a popular choice for living and working. The restaurants, retail stores and loft style buildings have always been the specialty of this area. And the hip reputation of this area had recently attracted a number of entrepreneurs towards this place. Although, the rent of this area had deflated in 2009 due to the financial difficulty, the past popularity is regaining.

Many people now want to buy or rent properties here, especially the businessmen. This is why, many assumes it will be the next business hub of the city. Especially the technology businessmen prefer this place for their new and growing business ventures. The technology firms seem to feel assured to start their business in the close proximity of the Flatiron District. Probably, this is why, a great number of technology firms have recently started their operation in the area. All these additions have made this place for a suitable tech hub and a hub of arts and science at the same time. In fact, the growth of the technology firms in this area had affected the real estate price in this area in a positive way.

The number of investments in this area is now slightly more than the available properties, which is also causing the price hike. With the growing businesses and a nice living environment this area is becoming more agreeable to many people.



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