For Sale By Owner Market Evolving

Although there are still a very small percentage of owners who attempt to sell their own properties, those who are have become more savvy and sophiisticated in their efforts.  The owners of a 2BR/2BTH apartment in Lincoln Towers on the Upper West Side have designed their own website,, that includes more information about their home than anyone could possibly imagine.  Complete with co-op board requirements and a link to the managing agent’s website where one can find the purchase application, these sellers have left no stone unturned.  The owners are also offering a brand new Toyota Prius or a $25,000 cash back incentive to the buyers of ther home as well as a $5000 finders fee for anyone who sends them a buyer.  They have even embraced the power of video.  Check this out:

I’m going to resist any critique of the video or the website and simply commend them on an excellent marketing effort and wish them the very best of luck!

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