Forbes 400’s Blavatnik Rumored to Be Spending $150M for The Mark Penthouse

Today’s New York Post reports that Leonard Blavatnik has signed a letter of intent to pay $150M for the Penthouse triplex at The Mark.

The space for sale, totaling nearly 30,000 square feet, is a combination of five planned units on the top three floors of the building.

If sold separately, the apartments would comprise a total of 23 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and five powder rooms.

Also featured is 3,900 square feet of outdoor space – including a huge rooftop terrace with a pavilion and fireplace – a ceiling from 10 feet to 26 feet, a gym and all hotel amenities such as twice-daily maid service, fresh linens and room service.

This purchase by Leonard Blavatnik at The Mark will SHATTER the $100M record price paid by by Ron Baron for an East Hampton land parcel earlier this past summer.

UPDATE:  Deal NOT happening (via The Real deal).  Ouch, losing that commission hurts!  I suspect this won’t be the last we hear about this transaction.

UPDATE 2: The Post is reporting today (Friday, 11/9/07) that Blavatnik’s offer is only $125M.  Where are The Post and The Observer getting there information?  Who are these sources?  I wonder how Mr. Blavatnik feels about his negotiation being so public.  IMHO…I think he should buy the entire building and hire someone who respects confidentiality to sell what he doesn’t want.

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