Friday Link-o-Rama

  • Investors reportedly auctioning off residential property at a loss in Florida.
  • Curbed with a bundle of interesting links. The W Union Square reportedly sold for $1 million per room, web traffic is said to be lower on real estate sites, and a poll says most people think it’s hard to buy your first home.
  • Discount brokers will now get equal treatment from some multiple listing services.
  • A PBS essayist on the housing "bubble": "…it is hard not to be happy about the cessation of this frenzy, certainly for anybody clinging to the old-fashioned notion of a neighborhood of small, friendly, affordable houses. Alas, in so many places — certainly here where I’ve lived for 35 years — that world is now permanently gone."
  • Two years of free parking and a free TV at the Flowers building does little for Doug: Developers across the city are offering big incentives. For example, some are offering 5% or more reductions in price and/or payment of closing costs. Free parking that adds up to an estimated $7,200 value plus a $2,500 flat-screen TV doesn’t really do it for me and isn’t likely to do it for my buyers. If my buyer is dropping $1.5M on a condo they can afford their own TV and parking. Show me the money!
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