Fun Day at Inman’s RE Connect

I had a great time participating on the blogging panel at Inman’s RE Connect Conference and although Kevin from 3 Oceans reported from the second "end of the day” session that it was only half full, the afternoon session was standing room only, and a lot of people asked some great questions.

Kudos to Noah at Urban Digs, Joe from Sellsius, and Richard from Real Blogging Systems.

I actually half jokingly suggested that I should have brought a note pad myself because I learned a lot from these guys. They are truly “raising the bar” in the Real estate industry and I’m loving it! It was such a pleasure actually meeting guys face to face like Kevin Boer, Patrick Kitano of Transparent Real Estate, Joel Burslem of and Phil Di Giulio of Intelligent guys who are changing our industry for the better.

I will be back tomorrow with something fresh and new and having everything to do with real estate! I leave you with this…”IT IS SOOOOOO BUSY RIGHT NOW!!!!”

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