Global Real Estate Investment

I’ve just returned from a magical visit to Argentina.  I was there visiting a new boutique hotel project in Buenos Aires as well as a 2000 acre award winning vineyard in Mendoza that is going to be developed into a magnificent gated residential resort of approximately 240 homes featuring polo fields, signature golf courses and the ability for each property owner to own a piece of the vineyard.  Malbecs, Cabernets, Merlots, Bonardos, Roses, and Chardonnays will come directly from villa owner’s back yards, be bottled by the winery and will feature personalized wine labels sure to impress your friends.

The trip was both exciting and serene and brought to mind how incredibly global real estate investment is becoming for a wider segment of the world’s population.  As real estate markets across the world ebb and flow, more and more investors (and not just the super wealthy) are seeking out opportunities to diversify their portfolios and make a piece of the international real estate puzzle theirs.  From islands in the Caribbean to small villages across South America, Europe and places like Vietnam, investment opportunities abound as the "global" economy becomes ever so attractive to those who’s local housing markets seem crippled.

In the coming weeks, I hope to feature some of these projects starting tomorrow with The Algodon Mansion and Vinas del Golf.

Stay tuned…

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