Historic Woolworth Mansion from OpenHouseNYC

Being a real estate broker for 16 years has provided me with a multitude of opportunities to see some incredible real estate.  So for those of you who aren’t so fortunate to get to tour some of these fabulous homes, OpenHouseNYC gives you "one of" the Woolworth Mansions.  Check it out.

Opulence is redefined as broker Roger Erickson takes us on a tour of the historic Woolworth mansion. The Woolworth mansion is listed on the market for $16,500,000 and with its ubiquitous marble, paneled walls, high ceilings and world-class artwork, it would be hard to unearth a grander Manhattan residence.

The Woolworth mansion was originally built by Frank Woolworth between 1910 and 1916 as a mansion for his daughter and husband, Franklyn and Edna Laws Hutton and it is now home to three luxurious apartments. This one on the market is 5 stories, has 6 bedrooms, 8 full bathrooms and 5 half bathrooms. Yet the statistics for this mansion do not do it justice. When you think of lavish Manhattan real estate, this is the platonic ideal. Be it the massive marble staircase, the hand-crafted marble mantelpieces or the living room with mahogany panels and 12 feet ceilings, this is a home that must be seen to be believed.

Step inside the Woolworth Mansion and view this video…

I wonder what this place would go for in Manhattan, Kansas?  Who cares?

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