Home Prices are Highest in California and Italy? Not Really Sure About That…

Here’s another one of those “surveys” that tells us what the priciest markets are around the world.

As reported in the New York Sun, this is an interesting read but terribly inaccurate and borderline irresponsible, particularly the headline of the article: "Home Prices in California and Italy Are Priciest, Survey Finds."

California and Italy are indeed pricey markets, but get this… the study doesn’t include London or Tokyo (two of the more expensive markets in the world). Nor does it include Manhattan, because it only compares “homes” not apartments. Newsflash for the rest of the world… our apartments are our homes!

I completely understand that you can’t compare an apartment to a single family dwelling, but don’t make such a bold statement about the priciest markets in the world when you are excluding New York City, London and Tokyo. Why bother with a survey like this? Especially when you’re reporting about it in New York.

Perhaps Coldwell Banker should have released this survey with this catchy title…”Coldwell Banker’s Opinion on the Priciest Markets in the World, Based Only on the Markets it Serves, Excluding Manhattan.”

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