How Green Is Your Home? Eco-Friendly Tips From OpenHouseNYC

Green is the new black!  With all the talk of global warming, hybrid cars, and alternative fuels, it is becoming increasingly popular for builders and homeowners to make eco-freindly choices in their projects and around their homes.  This weeks episode of OpenHouseNYC explores ways in which we can do just that.

As part of NBC Universal’s campaign, Green is Universal, in this episode of Floorplan, George Oliphant describes some easy and aesthetic steps anyone can take to make their home eco-friendly and more cost-effective.

First, George visits Bettencourt Green Building Supplies in Williamsburg for tips on paints and countertops that are environmentally sensitive. Then George travels to Red Hook and talks to William Hilgendorf from Uhuru to learn about sustainable furniture made with refurbished wood and recycled fabrics. Finally George, checks out The Future Perfect and owner David Alhadeff shows off items in the store such as bowls made from records and vases from wine bottles.

When George wraps up his shopping, green interior designer and Pratt Institute professor, Carol Crawford checks out George’s new space to see how eco-friendly it has become. Carol gives her assessment and demonstrates how greening one’s home does not have to come at the expense of design.

After all the decorating is complete, George talks with Marcell Van Ooyen, the Executive Director of the Council on the Environment. Van Ooyen gives some easy tips that are easy to implement to make your home even more green. He first suggests the obvious switch to compact fluorescent from incandescent bulbs. Van Ooyen also shows how little things like aerators on your faucets and blinds on your windows can dramatically decrease the energy output of your home.

Go green and watch the video to learn how you can transform your home as well!

Some very easy ways that all of us can contribute to a better environment.

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