How to Sell Your New York Apartment

I have been friends with Douglas Heddings for years. And it’s a great thing to be friends with a good Manhattan broker–because if you need to make a big decision about buying and selling, you can call him for free advice.
It occurs to me that, thanks to the magic of podcast technology, I can now call him ask those same questions, record it, and make it available to the world.
So here it is. If you were a friend of Doug’s, and you were considering selling your apartment, this podcast is what he would tell you.
Some of the topics he covers:

  • How to tell whether or not it’s time for you to sell.
  • Why you shouldn’t hire the broker who tells you a bunch of good news.
  • A whole bunch of ways the wrong broker can cause you trouble, and a whole bunch of ways to find the right broker.
  • The best question to ask when you’re interviewing brokers.
  • Two documents to get your broker to sign before you sign an exclusive contract with a broker.

Click here to listen to the whole thing. (It’s under twenty minutes.)

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