I’m Back and Chicago is an Awesome City

It’s very rare that I travel somewhere that has the impact that the beautiful city of Chicago had on me this past weekend.  Firstly, I must say that I haven’t seen so much real estate development in one city ever and I wonder how all of that inventory is going to be absorbed.   That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if every single one of those new developments sold out at record paces because Chicago is an amazing city.  From the friendliness of it’s natives to the cleanliness of it’s streets, it was an absolute joy spending the long weekend there.  And the food…oh my…the food!!!

I know this is a real estate blog, but If you’re traveling to Chicago anytime in the near future, here are some of the restaurants that you absolutely MUST check out:

  • Takashi-There wasn’t one dish that didn’t outdo the previous one in this phenomenal restaurant.  It doesn’t hurt that the Chef brings his incredibly pleasant soul into the place.
  • Table 52-Art Smith (Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef) serves the best dessert I have ever tasted anywhere in the WORLD.  Check out Art’s Hummingbird Cake…beyond stellar!
  • Nomi-Only had appetizers here but if they are a preview of what Chef Christophe David is all about well then I’m terribly sad that we had to leave without the full dining experience.
  • Blackbird and Avec are nestled side by side making it easy to grab apps at one and dinner at the other to kill 2 birds with one stone…or one bird avec one stone.
  • Added 2/20/2008 Boka-I don’t know how I forgot about Boka but this was also an exquisite meal from start to finish for both my wife and me.  And our Brunch at The Four Seasons (click on the Sunday Brunch menu to see what I mean) was "off the hook" with so many incredible and delicious things to choose from that we could have spent a full day gorging ourselves.

We also had the pleasure of dropping by Chicago’s latest speakeasy, The Violet Hour.  Great music and very cool atmosphere but expect to stand in line to get in…we didn’t have to because we’re so cool…at least my wife is.

Be back tomorrow with something "real estate."

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