I’m Being Stalked!

It seems that everytime that I have the opportunity to blog, I’m apologizing for the light number of postings.  So I’m going to stop that and just blog as much as I can.  It’s summer and although vacation took me away for a week, I have actually been quite busy selling real estate (4 closings this week and 5 contracts signed in past few weeks).  But in addition to my regular real estate business, I have been wasting time with a STALKER!!!  His name is Jay, Jonathan, Mike, Pete and John Z.  That’s correct, 5 personalities all with the exact same poor writing style and annoying line of questions have been constantly emailing me, my team members and now my managers in an apparant effort to simply waste our time. 

The emails began about 8 months ago and have gone through varied periods of frequency and oddly enough have addresses each and every property that i have listed in that time period.  In an effort to do my job, I have patiently responded to all of these ridiculous inquiries…until now.  I’m done. 

So Jay, Pete, Mike, Jonathan, and John Z, if you’re by some chance reading this, please leave me alone.  This will be the last communication that I have with you "fella/s."

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