I’m So Darn Busy My Head is Spinning!

I don’t know what exactly has happened over the past 3 weeks but there has been a significant blip in activity both on the sell and buy sides for my business.  Precisely why posts were light this week and I apologize for that. 

As many know, I’m also in the final stretch of training for the Nautica NYC Triathlon (thanks again to all of you who have donated to support this cause!) to be held next Sunday, July 22nd.  I’m SPENT!!!  To boot, business has picked up significantly in the past few weeks with properties that have been on the market for months fetching offers that may see their sales prices exceed asking prices.  Weird.

In case it seems like I’m complaining, I’m NOT!  Looking forward to continued strength in the market through the summer and would love to see a bit more inventory as well.   

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