Incredible Central Park Location for $20 Million

Daily News reporters have already called it New York’s greatest living room. This huge showroom is located in Central Park at 44 W 77th Street Number 13E and has been recently included on the for – sale list. The asking price is $20,000,000. The price may be quite high, but the features are pretty impressive. So, the home has enormous windows that measure 24 feet in height and offer extraordinary views of the city and of the Natural History Museum. Additionally, the living room includes a beautiful stone fireplace, dating from the 17th century and measuring 8 feet in height. The Venetian plaster ceiling and the Corinthian columns complete this magnificent list of features. The photos are speaking for themselves.

The owners have invested a lot of money, time and effort in this apartment. It was meticulously restored and renovated and even though there have passed a couple of years since, the house still looks great and might attract numerous buyers. An important aspect to note is that a typical 3 – bedroom apartment in the same building is 400% cheaper.

The biggest sale in the building took place in February 2012, when a 10th-floor apartment was purchased with $6.5 million. That dwelling was impressive and beautiful, but didn’t include the best living room in the whole world. In the end, no one knows how much will be people willing to pay for the #13 E condo. Pricing apartments is far from being a science and the cost might get higher or lower. However, the target demographic for the Central park location is represented by wealthy art dealer and art collectors. Thus, the apartment itself is $20 million, but the works of art inside are worth another $20 million. The listing agent even said that the showroom is perfect for displaying valuable pieces ranging from Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol to Dali and Picasso. If you’re interested in this apartment and want to have a Picasso, bring it on.

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