IntoTheBox.TV Brings Us Boulevard of Trump

If you’re not familiar with IntoTheBox.TV then you absolutely must check it out. 

IntoTheBox is all about peering inside the surreal housing market here in New York City. With approximately 13 million people residing in the New York Metropolitan area — and available housing at an absolute premium — it’s no wonder the market has been compared to a blood sport. People will lie, cheat and steal for a small slice of the scrumptious real estate pie.

IntoTheBox takes a look at the news, trends and politics of the NYC real estate market. The stories here are even better than fiction. Our daily videocasts provide you with an intimate view of the way New Yorkers cope with the absurdities of living in the best city in the world.

I had the recent pleasure of meeting IntoThe Box’s creator, Rachel Natalie Klein as we spoke on a video blogging and podcasting panel together at Inman’s most recent Real Estate Connect.  What she is doing is both entertaining and informative.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out todays episode and visit IntoTheBox.TV for more.

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